Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sock clubs

i was wondering who is in a sock club?
which one have you tried and what lured you in?
i like exclusive yarns, exclusive patterns, the mystery of what could show up in the mail...and payment plans!

Chewy Spaghetti's Spaghettoni yarn was what i used for the Socktopia mystery sock aka Shushan or Becka's socks.

(shown in Lyrical)
i was so happy with how it worked up and how it blocked. the cables were pristine! no pooling. turns out that they have a sock club.
if you sign up for the Chewy Spaghetti Blue plate special, you might just know one of the designers for the next subscription set.

Roxanne of Zen Garden Yarn-who was featured in a Secret Pal round, has the art walk sock club. each pattern designed around a painiting.

i have drooled over Socks that Rock (like everyone else), but the price keeps me away.

so what made you join? why havent you joined?
do sock clubs scare you?
what would make you absolutely have to join?

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J.P. said...

I get lured in too easily. It just happens and I have no clue why.

I am in the BMFA RSC, Yarn Pirate's club and MamaE's club. There is also a men's sock club that I also joined, but it does not start until August.

Yup.. I do have an addiction.

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