Friday, April 25, 2008

happy happy joy joy

my friend Leslie Wind sent me a fun new toy.
Did you see her featured in the last vogue knitting? they featured her shawl pins. i was so excited for her! b/c my camera is still MIA i am snagging her picture.this is a cable needle and jewelry!

what is so cool is i am always!!! hanging my cable needle on my necklace or shirt collar...and then wondering where i put it!

this works great. it is about a size 1 needle in diameter so it even works with the socks i was making. the cord is adjustable but it was just about the right length for usability and where it dangles at :0) i am constantly playing with it.

thanks Leslie! i love it! have fun at the Ct sheepbreeders show!


bubbebobbie said...

That looks so pretty around your neck. It was such a sweet present!
Hugs and kisses, mom

fruitcake said...

and Talia can play with it when you aren't using it. What is it about necklaces and such? it is like they have a sign on them that tells babies "play with me"

KBlicious said...

omg.... i have to tell you i had NO idea what that was until you said it... i looked at the picture pondering... then i scrolled down and read... cable.... needle... and then my head exploded. NEED ONE! NEEEEEEEED. :) i love it, lucky lady!

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