Thursday, April 17, 2008

crazy life

Things are crazy here.
how crazy?

one-our paycheck is several days late right now. hello sir! i need milk and bread! can you please pay my hubby?
two- our landlord who was MIA showed up this weekend, approved of all we have done so far and is going to remodel the bathroom. whoohoo!
three-i have a thesis on textual criticism/WCG101 due. yikes!
four- passover is this weekend? um, paycheck please so i can find matza! we have some actually but most the stores got rid of passover items at easter. :0( there is a virtual seder at ravelry that is knitting up pesach stuff. i may just have to go that route. relatives are driving up for our mega seder ( about 143 people).
five-tali has lost my digital camera. so i have no pictures til i get the ones off my dad's camera.
six- i have to finish up the final clue for my mystery socks over at Socktopia (now exclusively at Ravelry)

besides all that mom has a knee replacement surgery may 7, the Dizzy Ewe will be here teaching us spinning, plying and dyeing stuff, then i will be at the minister's wives retreat, and shmuli and tirzah were supposed to go to colorado to do sudan stuff, but that trip may be cancelled.

Bella had her bday this week and is now 6. she is so funny! her bday date with daddy she wanted to order everything on the menu! getting her to narrow her choices and make a decision is so funny.
tali's half bday is tomorrow, so since she is having a very hard time over not getting a happy too, and is only 2...and a half, we are making her a tiny half happy day.


Scrabblequeen said...

Oy...and I thought my schedule was crazy! (well it is, but there are degrees, and you win) Fun idea, the half b-day for the little one.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Eeek, how do you do all this stuff? I'm going back to bed!

Anonymous said...

Wish Tirzah and Tali happy birthday and half birthday from me please! Is Tali short for something, I wonder? I love their names. My nickname being Samm, and being called Sammuel by my friend, I'm wondering if I rate being Shmuli too!? :O) I love names. You are a busy mom and wife and human. Keep being busy if these are happy making things. Hugs, samm

Fruitcake said...

Who said Bella could grow up? I don't remember giving her permission. I feel like it was just a little bit ago that Chai and his sisters was in my sunday school class. Oh well.

P.S. check out mywebsite at I just got in some quit making books and I can get you a good deal on them. don't buy them off the site as you will be charged shipping. Just e-mail me the ones you want and I can ship them via my brother when he goes to handle the A/V for shabat(sp?)

Kathy said...

I think YOU are very funny. IM bookmarking you! Thanks for entering my irisheyes contest. Good luck to ya!

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