Wednesday, April 30, 2008

why Denmark Rocks

In 1933, King Christian X of Denmark attended the 100th anniversary celebration of a synagogue in Copenhagen, to demonstrate his solidarity with the Jews.
During the Holocaust, King Christian served as a rare example of refusal to cooperate in the murder of Jews.
Almost all of the Jews of Denmark survived the war, while those in almost every other Nazi-occupied nation had their ranks decimated.
In September 1943, the Nazis decided to deport all Danish Jews to the death camps -- but overnight a rescue organization was established and Danes from all walks of life helped to ferry some 6,000 Jews to safety in Sweden.
Remarkably, less than two percent of the Jewish population of Denmark perished -- and Denmark later apologized for sending 19 Jews to concentration camps. One story (probably apocryphal, and popularized by Leon Uris in his book, Exodus) says that King Christian X bravely promised to wear a yellow star if the Jews would be forced to.

Yom HaShoah- holocaust remembrance day is this week. pull out your paper clips!
norway wore paper clips to show solidarity and protest the nazis. paper clips were banned by the germans b/c of this. so besides the paper clip project, slip a paper clip on your shirt, use them as stitch markers and when some one asks why, share these stories.

side note- was vandalized over passover. pray for them, their terch support and the vandals.

Friday, April 25, 2008

happy happy joy joy

my friend Leslie Wind sent me a fun new toy.
Did you see her featured in the last vogue knitting? they featured her shawl pins. i was so excited for her! b/c my camera is still MIA i am snagging her picture.this is a cable needle and jewelry!

what is so cool is i am always!!! hanging my cable needle on my necklace or shirt collar...and then wondering where i put it!

this works great. it is about a size 1 needle in diameter so it even works with the socks i was making. the cord is adjustable but it was just about the right length for usability and where it dangles at :0) i am constantly playing with it.

thanks Leslie! i love it! have fun at the Ct sheepbreeders show!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sock clubs

i was wondering who is in a sock club?
which one have you tried and what lured you in?
i like exclusive yarns, exclusive patterns, the mystery of what could show up in the mail...and payment plans!

Chewy Spaghetti's Spaghettoni yarn was what i used for the Socktopia mystery sock aka Shushan or Becka's socks.

(shown in Lyrical)
i was so happy with how it worked up and how it blocked. the cables were pristine! no pooling. turns out that they have a sock club.
if you sign up for the Chewy Spaghetti Blue plate special, you might just know one of the designers for the next subscription set.

Roxanne of Zen Garden Yarn-who was featured in a Secret Pal round, has the art walk sock club. each pattern designed around a painiting.

i have drooled over Socks that Rock (like everyone else), but the price keeps me away.

so what made you join? why havent you joined?
do sock clubs scare you?
what would make you absolutely have to join?

in case you are bored

briley comments and fiber guessing game

dilly dally breast cancer contest.
emcourage her as she gets ready for her breast cancer walk.

soo needs advice. and she is bribing us with yarn

must keep knitting has been sucked into the blogging world

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Passover 2008

Zemeira and Elizabeth joined the dancers this year.
shew! well our small dinner of 140 people grew to 164.
the lamb was fabulous, so was the chicken.

kezzi did an awesome job helping with the matza ball soup. this was our first year in a long time making it without Bubbe. even without her the matza balls were light and fluffy. Yummy.

my friend Jim gave me this seder set and a new siddur for a present. so we used it for the head table and just the plastic ones for the other 20 tables. now that my aunt and uncle are stateside, they surprised us with their company. it was such a blessing to have them with us.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


dad's ears must have been burning, and he isnt even on Ravelry!
here are pix he sent over.

my gobsmacked socks. i designed these in 3 sizes and 2 weights of yarn for versatility
the yarn is from and etsy...jillknits? or something. i will have to find it.

this was fiber from natasha the lovely, i spun it into a two-ply sock weight.

superwash merino. i think it was called sherbiznit. it is so yummy. i love working with her stuff.

crazy life

Things are crazy here.
how crazy?

one-our paycheck is several days late right now. hello sir! i need milk and bread! can you please pay my hubby?
two- our landlord who was MIA showed up this weekend, approved of all we have done so far and is going to remodel the bathroom. whoohoo!
three-i have a thesis on textual criticism/WCG101 due. yikes!
four- passover is this weekend? um, paycheck please so i can find matza! we have some actually but most the stores got rid of passover items at easter. :0( there is a virtual seder at ravelry that is knitting up pesach stuff. i may just have to go that route. relatives are driving up for our mega seder ( about 143 people).
five-tali has lost my digital camera. so i have no pictures til i get the ones off my dad's camera.
six- i have to finish up the final clue for my mystery socks over at Socktopia (now exclusively at Ravelry)

besides all that mom has a knee replacement surgery may 7, the Dizzy Ewe will be here teaching us spinning, plying and dyeing stuff, then i will be at the minister's wives retreat, and shmuli and tirzah were supposed to go to colorado to do sudan stuff, but that trip may be cancelled.

Bella had her bday this week and is now 6. she is so funny! her bday date with daddy she wanted to order everything on the menu! getting her to narrow her choices and make a decision is so funny.
tali's half bday is tomorrow, so since she is having a very hard time over not getting a happy too, and is only 2...and a half, we are making her a tiny half happy day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

a plethora of contests

KnitterBunny is having a contest over at her blog
1-leave a comment for prize #1, 2- mention me and my blog for my entry in contest#2...and then do the same on your blog so you can be mention me, i'll mention you :0)
3- if you know her pets names, email her cuz she will knit you socks! seriously!

and CReative KJ is giving away a dell MP3 player! what will you knit to if you win it?

edited to add:
Studio Knits is having a bday contest
mention me so i can get more points :0)
go enter!

i won a prize!


what did i win?
i won the new Shibori Knitted Felts!
there was a contest on why you like felting over at Craft Gossip and i won!

i am off to find all the kids marbles now for my first shibori felt project. :0)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tirzah's Rwanda "Path of Hope" Yarn

Howdy everyone-

My daughter, Tirzah, is off to Rwanda this fall to work with Paul Rusesabagina (, stay at hotel rwanda, and work in the orphange. (remember she needs knit hats for african orphanage!)

to help raise money, Sarah of Perfect Day yarns ( is dying up sock yarn “Path of Hope” colourway, dyed to match the rwanda flag (blue, green and yellow ). $7 of each skein will go towards Tirzah's trip with PEACE.
if you are interested in a skein we are doing pre-orders now, so we can get an idea of how many to dye up. I dont want Sarah to have to block out too much time, dye too many or too few.
if you want one or a dozen, leave a note on the blog or email me.

Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda “As a nation, we’ve decided not to surrender. As a nation, we’ve seen the worst, and the people have learned a lot. We’ve taken stock of the past, and we’re building on it to change it. We are now on the path of hope, instead of despair. The path of hope includes partnership with the institution of the church and with individual churches in Rwanda."

Saturday, April 05, 2008


"Of Darfur's population of 4.27 million, a total of 2.45 million people have been displaced by the fighting and continue to suffer from the conflict pitting black African rebel groups against Arab militias backed by the government in Khartoum. More than 300,000 people have died since the conflict erupted in 2003. Ban in a statement said more than 100,000 Darfurians have been forced to flee the violence so far this year."

so i am making a pattern for a save darfur beanie. black with green letters. and the darfur tree ofcourse.

anyone interested in the pattern?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Knitting Tits

yes that is right! tits.

my dear becka was diagnosed with breast cancer.
she had NO LUMPS!!!!
she is 27!
soon she will be having a masecotmy.
so to raise awareness she is doing this KAL
so go over and join, and spread the word!
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