Monday, March 24, 2008

What we did all weekend

every year Shmuli gets a call from his friend pastor wes, "do you have any kids i can borrow?" well for the 21st annual play, they also got him.

Yochanan the immerserangelic girls and shepherd boys

my lil "dead girl", everyone is shocked Zemeira can actually be this amazingly still.

my little baby, back from the dead (similar to jairus' daughter)

listening to stories

He is not here, He has risen just as He said.

it is really hard to get kezzi she hides and moves so much thru scenes, but you can catch a glimpse of long dark hair here and there. look here she is

pastor wes under goes a Messiah Diet every year after christmas so he can wear his costume.

they were really good, and held up for 4 performances really well.

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