Saturday, March 01, 2008

highlights from the weekend so far

my brother flew in this week and we had so wonderful things planned.....

then the littlest girls got sick.
bella has slept almost all day. she woke up to watch rugrats in paris and prince of egypt though.
she has a fever and cough and a mournful moan.

here is a highlight of the day after a calm bath...well bella was a lethargic ragdoll that tali dumped water on til she was cooled down.

we had dinner at grandpaw's before the sickness set in.
it was interesting enough to blog. atleast i think so. my brother brought me more sambar paste , masaala, and things we can get here in the mountains.
black/purple rice, punjab chooley and some other yummy concoctions, masalaa naan from Trader joe's.
yes it really is rice.

tali's viewpoint of mom putting away leftovers and daddy doing dishes.

i was kinda relieved to be house bound and had a stack of knit designs to go thru, test knit, and write up. then i woke up ...and i must have slept wrong b/c my collarbone was out of place and my shoulder shivering when i tried to move it. tirzah heard the pop in the next room. so i didnt get as much knit as i wanted to. ( pesach last year, a car accident displaced my collarbone)

but here is a teaser of what i am working on:

i have some wonderful people test knitting for me. :-)

EVERYONE i know was at stitches but me. but i got some great swag. :-) my KBFF Brooke brought me shot glasses from ravelry and a silk cap to spin. i was with the girlscouts representing sudan and darfur and teaching 9 yr old girls how to spell genocide. next year i am sooo going to stitches! especially since lace in the woods was cancelled.

prayers:pray for the girls friend elaine, she is 12 and was diagnosed tuesday with a brain tumor and had 8 hrs (?) of surgery today. please keep her parents and brother and grandparents in prayer. besides the cancer being removed, my prayer is the surgery and tumor dont effect her personality. it can be altered so much by these things.

and stop by becka's blog and wish her happy bday this week as she goes for more treatments. doesnt make a birthday very fun when you are too sick to eat cake. :-(


Antevasin said...

No, not EVERYONE but you was at Stitches. Like you though, I WILL be there next year! :=)
Prayers are being said for your girls and Elaine and her family. It's so hard when children are ill. I hope everything goes okay for Elaine.

bubbebobbie said...

Hey sweetie
For sick kiddos they sure look cute on your new couch! I Like the New Couch. Now where is the Lysol?
I am praying for Elaine. I didn't realize the diagnosis and surgery were so close to each other.
Especailly Heather has a cool list of Quotes today.

I love you, mom

Mandyface said...

Yeah for Trader Joe's Food!!!

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