Monday, March 17, 2008

going green

at our house today is known as the day the milk turns green.

last night kezzi who is 11 asked , "but how does the milk turn green? leprechauns aren't real....are they?"

so here is how it happens

well mommie gets up extra early and gets all the dark coloured cups, grabs the hidden food colouring-cuz they dont know i have any, puts a drop in each cup. when they wake up i pour their milk and POOF! it is green!

or consitency i also swabbed to cereal bowls with a little magic so that milk also turns green.

recommended reading : patrick by stephen lawhead

recommended watching: veggie tales cuz they teach you how to pronounce his "other" name

recommended knitting: green yarn, mine is pigeon roof in lettuce, and i am test knitting the McGregor's garden socks. can you see peter's ears popping up?

Purim is this weekend so i need to go find my hammentaschen recipe, or another tradition call my old rebbetzin and ask for it again. i do this every year, and then find my copy after purim is over.


Shan said...

McGregor's garden socks, I love that.

Scrabblequeen said...

You're cracking me up. Magic milk and hammentaschen, too. I'll gladly share any of my various recipes with you.

Kim said...

Holy crap...that colorway is exactly the same color that I sent to the first test knitter. If I had any doubt which color to include with the kit, this clinches it...LOL

Thank you for helping Susan out.

J.P. said...

I think there is some green milk in my fridge right now. What is this with the food coloring? hehehe

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