Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Show and tell

i love going to both of my grandfathers' homes and playing in the memorabilia they have from the generations who worked with movie and broadway productions, silent movies and the like.

last month i took these pictures that i have been promising to share

my Great uncle Frank Roberts and Ethil Barrymore

mary martin as peter pan signed to Frank- he was the stage manager for the broadway production of Peter Pan. Tirzah is peter pan crazy so this made her jaw drop!

and frank at a swanky opening of a show.

this is so "singing in the rain".

the notes from the playbills and radio shows and silent movies ads, etc have incredible names like claudette colbert and others that he worked with.
these are just some of my favourites.


Pam said...

What a neat family history. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Scrabblequeen said...

Those are some very cool family mementos you got there.

Jenn4him said...

Wow. Those are treasures.

Shan said...


I do mourn the death of glamour in our society.

Heather said...

Those are awesome pics! Singing in the Rain is the husband's favorite movie. =)

And, hey, I'm a Heather who knits, too!!

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