Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Mystery Socks

So with all the chaos of the weekend and the first few days of april, i uploaded the first clue to the April Mystery Sock at Socktopia (on ravelry). much to my dismay, i uploaded the wrong clue!
so i spent the morning correcting, making a new pdf and uploading the new clue 1 page.
while sam made breakfast (cheesey bagel egg sandwiches and cardamom tea from Sadaf.)

my inlaws descended this week and are out looking for a place to live locally. sam is with them at the moment checking out a few properties. we did this twice last year. they are very indecisive so we are waiting to see what they decide to do, cuz no one ever knows.
if we say "yes move here" they won't.
if we say "no, dont move here" they will.

so we say nothing.

instead i have a pile of graph paper, some yarn, and needles calling to me...and lemony snicket.

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