Tuesday, February 19, 2008

this close...

....to being done!
i have a baby shower in the morning, these are obviously for the baby

pattern beckah knits' baby Moc-a-soc (etsy)
Sugar and cream tan
and this bernat handicrafter cotton fingering stuff i got for 10 cents. just happens to be perfect for this project!
my dad made real leather moccasins for me as a baby and i think the first two kids got some, too, then the kits were too hard to find. in honour of that tradition i made these for michelle's baby. she is not finding out the sex of the baby. so i hope these are p[lain enough to be for either boy or girl.

i have a few sock designs i am working on, one i actually sent to knitty and had good feedback on. so waiting to see if they want it. if not it will be made available here. ( its a scary thing to send your ideas out in the world.)
but in my graph 'd designs i found this:
sandmen from starwars and a detailed map on the inner workings of a pyramid.


Scrabblequeen said...

I love the little mocs! I miss the days when I found Star Wars drawings all over the place. Enjoy.

Worstedknitt said...

The slippers are lovely!

kadezmom said...

(pulling hair off head)

I searched etsy all over for her store and the pattern, with no luck. Help? What a wonderful job and tradition!

Heatherly said...


bubbebobbie said...

Hey sweet, save that drawing to put in their school records! I am assumiing in is Chai's? I think it should go on his blog too. Now, who claimed the Sandman? Looks' Like Bella's and the drawing on the couch I shared with you.

And I didn't notice her moc wasn't finished.

I love them, mom

Jessica said...

did you hear christina v. had a lil girl, on valentines day!

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