Monday, February 11, 2008

The sun! soo warm!

We had a delicious thaw this weekend, lower Paradise is free of snow, now we just have to work on the area north of the Dam!

Kezzi learned to golf, and is pretty darn good!
am i surprised? nope. she is patient and wants to do things the right way. this kept her occupied for about 2 hrs.

the kids got to play on the "porch swing" at Peggy's house (their music teacher) with their friends. tali really didnt want to share it. there was alot of "why!?" cuz we have reached that stage, and "my turn!"

and the boys were in lego land, running in the fields, and smacking golf balls any way they could... not tali also was in on the lego fun since she no longer tries to eat them.


bubbebobbie said...

It looks like you had such a good time.
Does teh Rec Center offer Golf?
Love, mommie

Antevasin said...

It was such a gorgeous weekend there! Scooter found a place he would like to try some fishing at that he didn't know was there. I've tried to tell him he works too much! :=)
Very cool that Kezzi likes to golf...look out Tiger! hehe

Jessica said...

did tali get a haircut???

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