Monday, February 04, 2008


we are finally back home. thurs's storm took out our phone, but not our dsl. weird i know, but true.
friday we picked up kids from my mom's and stayed til this afternoon.
i got the driveway here shoveled enough to be able to park. and snapped the shovel in half. :-)

while at my parents the following happened:

sam learned to knit by latern light. that's right old school, immersed in the ways of knitting from the past... he soaked it all up and became a knitter!

it obviously was not by choice. the power eventually returned, but the night was spent in a lil dark house listening to snow crash 80 ft down from the tree all around us. here he is reading bleak house and knitting.

the kids played and built a snow fort. their first. in colorado they were too small to do anything but sit in a sled.

i still had the congregational lap top with me so i knit and played, received horrible news on 2 cyber mates. i have beem trying to recover all the work one has done, finding scattered patterns here and there. completing patterns. typing and recreating documents.
and knitting:

purple socks for Gigi Memorial KAL
and finished a bunny, started a lamb ( fuzzy mitten's patterns)

i had only a small ammount of yarn with me and no clean needles, in the future i wil pack better heehee :-)

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Mrsmiz said...

OMG!!! that is so cool! You got him to at least try knitting!!! i love that pic-so oldfashioned. adn your bunny is adorable...Glad you all are ok :)

heather :)

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