Sunday, February 10, 2008


whether its tying a yellow ribbon around an oak tree or pinning a loop of ribbon over your heart, ribons have become symbols of awareness and support.

alot of causes sare the same colours.
a list here of ribbons and meanings (they left out orange for Israeli settlers- see Moze)
the origins of this pattern were for an 1800's knitted bodice that was woven with ribbons.

tie one on.


US6 or needle appropriate to the yarn weight

Cast on 30 sts

Rw 1: K4 *YO, SKPSO, K3* repeat

Rw 2 and all even rows to row 10: Purl

Rw 3: YO, K2-SLIP 1st KST OVER 2nd * K3, YO, SKPSO* repeat til last 3sts, K3

Rw 5: K1* YO, SKPSO, K3* repeat til last 2sts, K2

Rw 7:K2, YO , SKPSO *K3, YO, SKPSO* repeat til last st, K1

Rw 9: K3, YO, SKPSO repeat across

Repeat rows 1-10

ending with row 10. BO purl wise.

Block scarf.
Weave ribbons thru eyelets if you desire.

You only have 1 life. Do something.

Stand up for something. Care for others.


Antevasin said...

Oh thank you YarnYenta..that is beautiful!! I wear red for my sister I just lost this past July who battled lung cancer from complications of AIDS. Now I knit chemo caps for the clinic where she was treated. Such a small thing to do, but it's my way of showing how much I care. :=)

Marisol said...

What a pretty pattern! Thanks you so much for sharing this with us as well as the sentiment behind it. In the past I also have knit chemo caps for Knitting Pals by the bay who distribute Chemo caps to many hospitals around the bay area.

bubbebobbie said...

hmmm here's an idea, can you make this also into a chemo cap to wear with it?

Just mom asking you to do things I have never dreamed of!

Mrsmiz said...

That is awesome Heather! thanks for shaaring! I think i will do one-some family members have died of cancer-liver, lung...I think i might do one in -well, i don't see it, bt i thought purple was teh general color for cancer- well, anyway, i have some purple...

h :)

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