Monday, February 18, 2008

i owe you all a long post!

over the last few months, ok really about 9 mos, i have been going to the dentist to get work done on the same tooth. thank goodness for dental coverage!

well the pain has been so bad i tend to collapse at my mom's. valentine's day i was totally out of commission. came home, collapsed in the recliner and figured i'd eventually cook the steaks i had been marinating.

while i slept, Tirzah and Kezzi organized the kids into a cupid army. They set up the folding table, got the table cloth, the good china, matching silverware, made the salads and baked potatoes. created menus and greeted daddy at the door for his reservation and seating.

i woke up, threw the steaks on the george foreman and had a lovely dinner at "Oooh LaLa Cafe"
where we dine every valentines day. :-). it is a tradition.

this year was amazing. i have never felt so loved.

i got a lil bling and presents too, but the kids rock! it totally makes up for the messy bedrooms!

Friday the dentist pulled the offending tooth. i had a sinus and ear infection b/c there was a hole under my gums into the root that never showed on the xrays. i kept telling them it hurt....

so friday began our multicultural weekend. we had some wonderful stuff planned that totally fell apart. but G-d had other stuff instore. everything culminated with worship sat night. we had a lil country, native american, mong, sri lankan, chinese, hebrew and the rockin' college band, Melodic Resolve, all do worship.
i ran video, sound, and powerpoint for all of them. oh, and the ministerial luncheon, i cooked and had some wonderful help ( so much for resting after the tooth stuff!) one of the guys brought us all roses.

but it was so much fun. we left at 11pm, got up at 5 am to go to sonora and get the boys from WWW. there a knitblogger friend's son also attended. Then ofcourse stopped at "By Hand Yarns" (my favourite part of dropping the kids off for camp!)

where i got a present:

i have been wanting a haiku bag for so long! whoohoo!
yes there is a lil yarn in there, too.
now the rest of our tax $ goes to brakes for sam's car....which decided this weekend to fail.
but i feel so much better, once i am able to eat i will feel even better. sorry to everyone for the crankiness!


Jessica said...

sorry to hear about the tooth pain! I know just how much that sucks! do you have a good dentist?

that's awesome that the kids set up such a nice v-day for you guys!!
miss ya!

Scrabblequeen said...

What awesome kids! Nice bag....why are you hiding the yarn?

Marisol said...

Nice to hear your had such a nice valentines day even under such severe tooth ache pain. How wonderful to have such caring kids!

I hope all clears up soon.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Happy Valentine's Day! We actually forgot all about it this year; glad you have such wonderful kids that kept the tradition going. I'm totally jealous of your haiku bag, too!

Antevasin said...

Wow, you poor thing! That sounded horribly miserable, but your kids are awesome...
What a lovely bag...sounds like you deserved it! :=)

Shan said...

Those are some good kids.

Heather said...

Your poor mouth! Hope you feel better soon.

J.P. said...

Tooth pain is NO fun.. I hope that you feel better soon!

I am digging that bag. I have thought about getting on like yours, but guess that I will stick with what I have for now.

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