Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When you get snow....

you make: Winnie the Pooh ice cream

( "would you like honey or condensed milk on your bread?", rabbit asks. "Both" replies Pooh, "but no bread if you please, just a small helping...."

This may look a bit gross but it is really good and one way to make sure the kids dont just eat the snow out side. Think Dulce de Leche. mmm, yummy!

what you need:
1-a huge bowl of CLEAN snow
i dont know how many times i have had to stress this, but CLEAN snow does not have bits of grass in it or dirt, and it is most definitely not yellow. also as a rule, it cant have fallen from the roof, and only tops layers of snow.

2- can of sweetened condesed milk, we used fat free.

3- a bear full of honey, if you are out of honey "princess syrup" also known as caro light syrup works but not true Pooh bear icecream without the honey.

warm the condensed milk in the microwave, 20 sec intervals til it is more managable.
drizzle both it and the honey on to the CLEAN snow.

mix it up. okay you more like cut it in cuz the honey hits the snow and hardens. this is why warming the milk helps.

serve in a huge mound on a plate. it is really fluffy so it looks like alot to the kids, but it really isnt.

be sure to have hot chocolate ready since the snow gatherers are already cold.


Brooke Knits said...

the pictures are beautiful.. but i am seriously begining to hate snow days... only kids like snow days.. adults hates them - nasty little snow days....i want sunshine

Mary aka Canadagirl said...

I just LOVE how much you stress how CLEAN the snow needs to be and NOT fromt he roof droppings. ROFL You don't want leaves either ???
[0; I TOTALLY understand. lol

I will have to try this.

I am finally knitting the socks with the yellow, grey, and purple yarn you helped your Mom pick out for me. Thank you !!! I love it. I will show pics when I am done.

Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC
In Him<><

Fruitcake said...

I had a mission partner who at the age of seven, walked into her house and asked "daddy, why does yellow snow taste funny?"

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