Sunday, January 13, 2008

the weekend

i got this knit up for a boutique, they sold my other ones so pray these sell, too. :-)
i love the "do over day" b/c it is a leap year. according to jewish leap year, which is also this year, there is a leap MONTH! i think january definitely qualifiyes from the month. no power, no plumbing...
yesterday we had septic & plumber guys, and still have issues b/c there is an internal leak...remember july and the bathroom cave in? well related to that. that is fil;ling the septic and the wet rainy ground is saturated and not helping.
so the stress had me knitting!

kippot details:
top on chai's head is wildefoote luxury yarn. it blocked beautifully. i hear alot of complaints about this yarn, but this turned out so well! latvian braid cast on in contrast colour.

blue one: the bamboo from knitting wounded. the drape, the texture. it is sooo yummy!
becka-would husboy like one? i was thinking of send one to you,for him.
we will have to discuss what he would like.

the mulit one is claudia handpaint "walk in the woods".
latvian braid in coordinating colour.
i love the colours of this one!

all are greetings from knit cafe's yarmulke pattern. US1 & US3 needles.

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bubbebobbie said...

So beautiful and so ready for a do over MONTH!
Hugs and kisses mom

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