Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here is what we woke up to this morning. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a snowplow somewhere insight. we live at about 2400 feet and snow levels are at 500, so we got a good ammount so far. luckily sam can connect to his work PC from home, and the kids have been quiet enough that he has gotten alot done.
Julie-sorry i kept you up til 2am with making fiends :-)

the sad thing is the weather has kept me from my twice a week PT appts (which are massages!)
so my shoulder is a bit stiff today. but i hope to get back to my regular tues and thurs massages soon!

I started a new study yesterday Liz Curtis Higgs' Loved by G-d. it looks like it will be a great study. and the women in the class are alot of fun.
Liz is one of my favourite authors. For chanukah mom got me her story based on dinah with a signed bookplate in it! :-)

the snow has also kept us from textual criticism monday, so this is getting to be one long class! hopefully i can just email my homework and get done with it. so we can advance to class2. i have learned alot form this class and cant wait to apply it.

here is my progress on the suess socks:

yarn "sam I am" sport weight from luxe fibre

plain ole toe up socks


Brooke Knits said...

textual critisim?? you complain about textile?? do tell..

Anonymous said...

Heather, don't worry about 2 AM and Making Fiends... it's been a great diversion. Last night I kept Spencer up by introducing him to MF. It's memorizing! I was so happy to chat with you. Enjoy some snow for us here in the barren mid-Atlantic. Love you!

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