Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rabbits are trouble

my first "date" with my hubby, we had chinese for lunch in colorado springs. the placemat calendar told him i was trouble, (i was the rabbit).
it said he was my opposite and to stay away.
So we have a rabbit joke at our house, which as we had our bunch of kids became a bigger joke with our friends. haha.

I fell in love with fuzzy mitten's bunnies.
i love bunny knitter's bunnies too, but she doesnt sell patterns yet :-(

Here is how our bunny looks so far:


bubbebobbie said...

You are having way too much fun at your house without,2,..10

I love your bunny,

hugs, mom

Cara said...

Hi Heather - I sent you a couple of paypal invoices for the fiber I was selling the other day and haven't heard back. Do you still want it? Please check your paypal account and/or spam folders.


Lesa said...

I LOVE rabbits! :)

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