Wednesday, January 23, 2008

monkeying around with my boyfriend

monkey socks ( 2.5 mm needles Claudia Handpaint yarn "walk in the woods"
i adore these colours. the area tiny bit darker than the picture.
monkey socks (yep still 2.5 mm crystal palace's panda wool (bamboo & wool)
just anklettes so i pattern repeat before the heel. pretty yarn but it splits so much! grrr!
I had totally forgotten about these socks! i was working on them for Sam cuz he still is my favourite crush. pattern boyfriend socks started the toe with US 0 and incresed to a US 1.
wildfoote wool in master grey. i was going to use the yarn for the harlot's earl grey socks, but i love these cables.
i told JP yesterday than i only had 3 or 4 socks OTN's BUT i forgot about these. drat! must knit faster. Thank goodness a snow storm is coming in again. 9" expected. not sure if that is the thurs am or pm storm, but another storm is coming friday too. :-D


J.P. said...

The socks look awesome!

Like I said, I will be happy to send out one of those dogs with yarn in his little barrel thing around his neck!

Chris said...

Title line...


How is it being buried?


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