Friday, January 11, 2008

2008, yuck!

will it ever end?!
i came home from comparing ancient manuscripts, to an overflowing toilet, backed up tub...
and the septic was pumped a couple mons ago, so we knew that was not it!
today was spent snaking drains, removing the old toilet, installing a new one....snaking things again. calling sam at work and giving him plumbing updates.
blahblahblah. everything was lovely.
then i washed a load of laundry.
now we are back to square one.
and a plumber.

did i mention our landlord is MIA and we think maybe deceased?

i do not like the new year.
however i have a new love of electricity, running water, heat and good plumbing!


Adelle said...

I so completely sympathize!

Scrabblequeen said...

Oh my, oh dear....nothing left to do for now but brew a cuppa tea and knit until the pros get things under control.

bubbebobbie said...

Poor Baby I am so sorry.

But hey, I didn't hear anything about ancient manuscripts. I wondered why you RAN out so quickly this afternoon. I was hoping for tea.

Did the kids tell you about our experiment? We had a blast! I have pictures but they are still in the camera.

I love you. mom

tiggerr said...

Man, that sucks.

The year is young, you have 356 potential good days ahead.
(it's a leap year so this day can be a do-over)

Shan said...

"we think maybe deceased?" - hilarious.

bubbebobbie said...

Atleast we know we can all live in my house!
love ya, mom

amandacathleen said...

Oh, my sounds like you are having a super crappy day! I hope your Saturday was better then your Friday.

Anonymous said...

OK, everyone who knows Heatherly, send her a red envelope w/a note of encouragement. A red envelope in asian culture is good luck. Also, 2008 is supposed to be a very lucky year.. the year of the golden pig. Do you know how many couples tried to deliver on 01/01/08 because it is the year of the golden pig. So, my dear, here is my comment to your blog, pretend it is red.

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