Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tirzah update

hurray we got another 3 min phone call!
tirzah recorded a radio interview. it will be broadcast in 3 countries.
burundi, tanzania and rwanda.
and she is bringing acopy home.
it is pouring rain there...and she left her poncho! oops!
there is a petrol strike in rwanda so they can only get approx 5 gals at a time.
this is creating obvious difficulties. boy do i feel guilty for griping about gas prices...atleast we could fill up if we could pay for it.

also "On Monday, the day we got to byumba, a terrible van accident happened that killed 11 students from the University here in Kigali. One was a wife of a pastor that Pastor Samuel knew very well. It affected the whole area of Byumba. On Tuesday they held a memorial service for all 11 people that were killed and we attended it. Thousands of people came to pay their respect. Only the immediate family show emotion but everyone else looked very sad.

one of the biggest challenges- poverty and the need for jobs. Only one percent of the population works to get a paycheck. All the rest are self employed in their gardens and fields trying to raise enough to feed their families."

more on tirzah's blog

Saturday, December 06, 2008

WorldWide AIDS Day Hay

Dec 1 is world wide aids day.
So in honour of the day and tirzah's work with the AIDS/HIV orphans this week i
began this hat.
Brooklyn tweed AKA Jared Flood's Habitat Hat
Cascade 220 in red (cuz i have lots of 220 from my felting days)

you have only one L1FE, do something.

Friday, December 05, 2008

HI we got a phone call from rwanda last night!!
actually 3...we missed the 1st 2 calls. oops!

tirzah was with the refugees (near the congo border) for 4 days, they are now beginning work with the HIV orphans. she has made 2 friends her age, Angie and Candy. she has also spoken at 2 churches.
She says it has been hard and she starts work with the Aids orphans pray for G-d to protect her heart from the destruction in these children's bodies she is going to behold & that she will bring comfort.

apparently there will be alot of photos when she gets home. :0)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

daytime shawl shots

my sweet Kezzi Rose

the colour is garnet which happens to be her birth stone :0)

thanks for all the sweet comments! lace knitting is so scary. it was so lumpy before it was blocked...i was really worried.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bat Mitzvah Baby#2

Kezzi helped me pin the sections out on the bed (the bed is a king, so that will help refrence the size. i have not measured it yet.

Shew! this shawl took 1/3 the time of the last shawl.
and we are DONE!
Kezziah had a very hard time picking her pattern and colours, b/c she didnt want to make too much work for me. :0) she is so sweet. so she finally nailled down a few designs for me to combine. i had to rewrite parts so that they would work better together. but we really like the effect.

more details on ravelry of course

Monday, December 01, 2008


Tirzah called saturday nite and let us now she had arrived.
she beamed thru the phone, you could here th e smiles as she said
"my feet are in rwanda!"
what a dream fulfilled!

here is the latest email update:

2-We head out today for Gisnezi and Byumba so probably won’t have email access. Everyone is doing fine and feeling good. Continue to pray for us as we move onto the locations.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dude! a free dell!

over at
there is a free dell giveaway.
they would like some one who needs one to get it. is my post

Why we could use one at our house?
we have gone thru 2 refurb'd computers this year. I am running all the congregational stuff off of the laptop, and we homeschool SIX KIDS. it is a bit overloaded.
a new one would mean TYPED sermons while trying to do school. burn sermon CDS and get powerpoint presentations done. And not to mention one kid on one computer doing school while another kid is on another computer just would make my life easier!

the last 2 mons with Sam working for the other church plus his own congregation has been very wearing on the computers. (3 sermons,plus 2 mid week services, several funerals/memorials and a wedding! shew!)
the int'l day of prayer for the persecuted church with all the groups and different powerpoints and different (OLD) software was quite challenging. not using an old OS would have definitely helped.
so could we use a new PC? YES!
and being a small fellowship, Sam still works fulltime to feed us all. We dont have the ability to buy a new one at the moment. so this would really be a blessing.

AND OH, If i win, i can probably get you a tax deduction writeoff :0)

SHe's leaving in a jet plane...

ok, so she already landed, but still the song is in my head!
tirzah has a jam packed week including a kinryiwandan language class.
She will be on the radio while she is there, and is going to be doing a TV thingy i think before she goes. (that is on fundaising and how she "recycled for rwanda".

we are just so amazed at this coming about. last year's ER visits, kidney transplant decisions, and all the fear we had just about tomorrows coming, have been replaced with boots, misquito netting, luggage and a passport.
i am so blessed. G-d is so good.

tirzah has wanted to go to africa since she was 6.
we have books, cds, videos, and even school books on africa.the whole family has been steered westward, in her leading.
tali however hugs my neck and says "i do not want to africa".

Kezzi and india i guess will be next. :0)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Becka, Cuz we love you!

so the girls have fabulous hair.
and they got a call about a local group cutting hair for locks for love.
and without hesitation they decided to do it.

we were gonna make "For Becka" shirts but ran out of time.
so they went down with their friend Calli and got their hair cut.
Kezzi donated over 20"!!!
Tizah 17"
Calli 12"
And even Mom cut hers and gave 15"
so here are our pictures for our Sweet Becka! We love you!

More Hair Pictures

Sukkah building 5769/2008

here are the kids building our sukkah.
Dad had to cut more branches for it. a great tree trimming excuse.

Hope you had a great Sukkot!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jessica the orange girl had her new baby girl.
i finally got her baby sweater finished. the colour change was time consuming but i like the effect alot.

E.Zimmerman February 2 needle Baby Sweater
Debbie Bliss Cotton- 3.5 balls
US 5 needles

Saturday, September 27, 2008

emerging to blog

you might be thinking that it must be something pretty cool that is pulling me out of hibernation to blog :0)
and you are right! i picked up the latest issue of spin-off and my cyber-buddy Leslie Wind is featured! (you might remember she was also in the spring vogue knitting)
so go congratulate her!

I am so excited for you, leslie!

on the knitting front Super Sock Scarefest has gone so well that a new KAL is coming! We have decided to do The B;eeping Sock Games, named for the bleeps of vintage ganes like pacman. sock designers are encouraged to submit designs based on video and computer games, old and new.
Sock Games will start midnight dec 31 so we will all be done and ready for Sock Madness 3 in march. JInxsa has graciously ofered to help Mod the group with me, details at ravelry ofcourse.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tirzah is going to Rwanda in November, she has a little more than half her $.
I designed this sock for Chewy Spaghetti's BluePlate Special club.
The sock is called "Tirzah's Delight" and is made with Sport weight yarn

in order to help her get to africa, I am selling HER pattern.
If you don't knit, buy it for someone who does :0)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore--
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
"'Tis some Sock," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door--
Only this, and nothing more."

my latest for SockScarefest

and JP, i cant wait to see what you are test knitting for me :0)

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Wasp Woman

Here is a freebie pattern i designed for Super Sock Scarefest

This is part of a crazy KAL project with points and prizes.

Blame my dad who exposed me to killer clowns from outer space and my grandad for making crazy movies like attack of the killer tomatoes and night of the living dead.

and no, we do not celebrate halloween, i just like old movies, especially if you can see strings in the props. :0)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Current projects

from the last interweave, window pane socks lace wing in plum and claudia handpaint i think...
i modified the heel, to continue the striping and colour work.

this is for me, a sweater. optimum DK from SWTC in desert.

this is soo lovely to work with. what kind of sheep is an optim,though?

it is becoming the silken scabbard from stitch diva. however, i am modifying the cables cuz i have never been a fan of the horseshoe cable, so i am changing mine to a saxon braid.

i really lovely the elegeance of stitch diva patterns mixed with easy top down construction.

hopefully i will get to post on its progress again soon.


shew! after 4 wks without a car, i am actually mobile, so i can post a picture of my great HHHH box. dark picture, but the yarn is some amazing blues and it looks bought! she "chain-plied" which is like navajo i think?
i have been dying to try carbonized bamboo since i saw it at a guid meeting. thank you so much!
we have enjoyed the nutella. yummy! it is my fave thing from living in italy. we came stateside and i was devestated by peanut butter instead of nutella sandwiches!
i am looking forward to using the book, and the magazine is new to me. i have enjoyed it!
thank you so much rachel!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What 2 weeks without posting again?

so what have we been doing?
walking around the neighborhood

getting ready for Rwanda, it is killing me that she is almost a teenager.

loosing our first tooth, note the baby fairy and rose scented sparkley money?

you can always tell when it's fairy money! hurray zemeira!
i think that is my limit on pictures to upload with the cursed dial-up.

becka emailed me this morning she is doing good. a large stock of chemo tea and ginger is getting her thru radiation. please cotinue to keep her in your prayers.

sam is off filling in at a local church for a pastor today. 2 services, so i havent seen him yet, but did approve the outfit :0)

today is tisha B'av, so keep israel in prayer. also include our athletes at president while in china. there were first medals awarded and a first murder. traditionally we are to fast and pray today and read lamentations. so leave me a post with a verse that touched your heart today.
there's just a few weeks til super sock scarefest, so check out the blog. a new pattern every ten days, great prizes! it should be fun!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

WovenSpun IceCream Party

To Honour the "R&R and not in Iraq" moment, we are celebrating long distance with the WovenSpun Family. We are so glad you get to hug and kiss him, and are praying for for you all!

here are the kids and their sundaes!

tali ofcourse eats "sans pants" and zemeira's was so yummy she couldnt hold still for the picture

Rav Scarf

Julie sent me a beautiful box.

handspun yarn, stitch markers she and her son made, lavender soap and bath and even eands. when the kids brought the mail in, the whole house instantly smelled of lavender :0) origami corner markers, a soap in cased in wool :0)

new orifice hooks. how did she know? (i just wrote that i loose mine...and the girls borrow mine for their spinning wheels...) the scarf she kit and designed for me is called delphinium. note the pressed flowers. it is a beautiful cobalt colour with shimmery beads! i cant wait to wear it! i love it. Julie, you did a wonderful job. anyone interested can find it on ravelry.
thank you so much julie for such a lovely box!

Firefeeding Pictures

Here are a few pictures while i am at mom's using her wifi.....and they will actually load! :0)

here are just a few pictures of what the church looked like. the church we rent for shabbat is the heli port for our area and has an amazing overlook of the canyons. can you guess why it was a staging area?

after the fire, a quail family reminded us of G-d's provision. Every time winds were predicted, we would pary, and shofars would blast over the cayon...and the air grew still. no


Frank from outback steak house and 2 of the girls who worked there, got to be part of G-d's provision. the made amazing food for these tired guys!

the guys showered and dressed up "real purdy" for their outback dinner :0)

very often they came in shifts, and would eat then releive other strike teams so they could eat too. this made dinner from 5-8pm. usually. lunch however was 11-3pm. everytime we packed it up, there would be a new truck rolling in!

the news guys were great. i loved hearing their stories from all the years they have been doing this. they worked for world news tonight and the morning one too. so since i am TVless, if anyone taped it, please share. ( ok i have a TV but no cable, signals, etc cuz i am too far up the mountain. but we watch alot of movies. the sad thing is i moved and now hereos is coming back! i love heroes! and no DSl means no watching it on line like last year while finishing the textual criticism classes)

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