Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Can I Do to end Genocide?

join us in giving up one luxury item and donating its cost to save Darfur.
be active.
write your congressman, senator, governing officials.
raise awareness
Raise funds
divest darfur
join an organization
buy freedom/fair trade products
wear darfur tshirts on darfur fridays

if you are on ravelry look for the darfur group.
want links, and other darfur info? email me

Monday, November 26, 2007

4 thyroidal women, 2 roasted turkeys and 4 baby socks

thanksgiving was very good and interesting.
we had lots of company but my brother got held up and never made it.
my other brother moved to colorado from arizona, in the snow.

i have lots of pictures to post once i download them.
my favourites is "great grandpaw" wearing indian feathers and pilgrim bonnets with/for the kids. heehee
i will leave you with the beautiful tali showing off her "feets". she only will wear handknit socks. and has outgrown her angora ones. so sad. so here are her new ones. i made them while we watched spiderman3. :-)
the 48 st monkees are for zemeira yarn was from knit-it-good, an etsy artisan.
it was called sleeping beauty and is from her fairy tale collection. zemeira loves sleeping beauty and was born with the dawn in aurora,co. so they are the perfect colorway!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

book meme

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here is a book meme:

You have to open the book you’re currently reading on page 161 and read the fifth sentence on the page, then think of 5 bloggers to tag with. ( i am reading several...hmmm)

"in all the earth and among all nations that which is symbolized by the ephah is becoming the great and controlling centre of society"
david baron's zechariah

The five Bloggers I will tag are:
my mom, and any one else who feels like they want to do it.
if you post it leave me a comment
i finished a hat to send channah or the IDF/Tzahal soldiers for chanukah.
modeled here by tali's hedgepig ( yes, i read redwall books)

Friday, November 09, 2007

4 0ut 0f 6 kids are sick

thank you for all your sweet words on my aunt. she requested no services and to donate her body to science. which has made things a lil weird.
the kids are sick, tali has decorated herself several times today and we are trying to knit some hats for the isareli soldier chanukah project, so while i am gone here are some pictures to keep you occupied, from our family retreat last week in mt hermon.

ok, this is just yarn i spun. plied one half with red thread and one half with green

knitting on the way down. needed a heather hills picture for the ravelry contest
a wedding where the bride wore white... and a guitar. so did the groom, but you cant see his from this angle.
moose leading the kids on the great golden walnut hunt tali collected 58 walnuts:-) go tali go
jaden was in 3rd place with 79. sorry he is still sideways
zemeira falling asleep at the table :-) after making tambourines, collecting walnuts, collecting shekels for the shekel shack, and making koolaid playdough...she was worn out!

jaden is always ready to go. oh, the boy( turned 18 while we were there, so "man") in the background was soo brave. he was requested to eat dinner with a table of 8-12 yr old girls, and HE DID IT. such a mensch! tirzah and kezzi are behind jadey.

after the retreat we took the kids to see the ocean cuz it had been a few years. i know we live in california, we should go more!

tirzah and sea shells at the foggy beach. she looks like a teenager. so scary!

keeping tali warm at seymore marine lab. this place was soo cool. it had sea creatures for the kids to touch, a whale skeleton.

chai and part of a whale skeleton. rib i think.

my lil school of fish.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Special Swap Movie edition

Beth and i swapped movie boxes. her box arrived monday but i am just now getting around to blogging it. it has been crazy getting unpacked, and taking tali to the dr, too. (she had a cold our whole trip!)
So it was delightful to come home to a movie in a box. Beth did an awesome job coordinating everything on a theme.
the elizabeth bennet cardigan, tea and scones fit perfectly with this movie! tirzah guessed when i opened the scones that it was pride and prejudice. when did she become a "little woman"?

Thank you Beth! I cant wait to see how the malbrigio lace weight knits up!

Knitter's Tea Swap 4

A wonderful box made its way south to my house from Canada. Tali loved opening the "happy's" (as in happy bday, happy chanukah. they are all happy presents). she likes the rocks on a stick :-)

Penny put together this box filled with Tea and cookies and a tea pot! it is so cute. and it matches my Johnson Bros. cookie jar a bit :-) you cant see but the roof of the big cookie jar and the adrker colour in the teaset rooves are the same colour.

Thank you Penny! i hope your box arrives in one piece!

The Sad News

My grandmother called this morning, i wanted it to be in a seperate post from the fun stuff...
My Aunt had back surgery, there was an aneurysm that went to her heart and she died.
Lynda would have been 50 next month.
Please keep my family in prayer and the 2 time zone travel that may need to happen.

This was very unexpected.
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