Saturday, June 30, 2007

so much for knitting this weekend...

we came home to this
which although we ahve tried to find the leak, has become this:

now if only i could reach my landlord or the "caretaker"
i wonder if 4 yrs ago if they had actually fixed the subfloor
and leak the right way if it would be like this today....

the cool thing was it all fell in the tub!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why they don't wear a sash

here is my Girl scout sash fro the early 80's. the other side has like 3-4 patches. those are like my troop number,etc... i also was very shy and had a hard time doing girl scouts. i was glued to my mom the whole time.

this is kezzi's modern alternative to a sash, the girl scout vest.
she just got 34 new patches at the award ceremony. they would never have fit on a sash.
she has another year of girl scout's to go! i have no idea where we will put them all!
kezzi is al;so very shy, but tirzah is so not! i think that has to help.

and i haven't even counted tirzah's yet. she however bridged to cadet and has a new empty vest to fill up.

are kids just more ambitious nowadays?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

MS3 swatch

the first mystery stole 3 clue will be out friday. (you can still sign up if you want to)
my swatch is done, but i am not happy with the beads. they are clear silver lined.
my yarn is a pale grey, and it doesnt really pop.

grumble grumble

oh US 6 needles
any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

SP10 revealed

my secret pal was cecily!
for thsoe who dont know, i spoiled her several rounds ago.
she is also a hostess :-)
cecily sent so much stuff off my wishlist this round! i can't wait to read the book!

i love knit picks needles! and 2 shades of cascade i dont have yet! ( i know you are shocked!)
i am going to have to load my cascade into ravelry eventually i know.
the fun with yarn skein is such perfect colours!
i cant wait to make some cakes of yarn!

thank you cecily for being a great pal and friend too!

garden swap!

my garden swap package arrived. i was supposed to mail mine friday but got swamped getting ready for camp and shabbat. so it is coming dana!
dana sent the cutest birdhouse which is now in my japanese maple over the bird bath. it says "don't look. birds bathing"
in the little lunch box tin was some lovely GREEN stitch markers and a black sheep.

thank you so much for the noni pattern and the cascade 220.

i ~*~heart~*~ cascade!

sarah's yarns

i just need to tell you, friday afternoon i placed this order. and an hour after i did, got an email saying "shipped".

here the yarn is today!

this is to go with tirzah's lace shawl for her bat mitzvah.

else where same zephyr cakes were $11. sarah- $5.75.

so you know you want to shop with her!

also a free colour card! how awesome!

this birthday is brought to you by the letter G, by hand yarn store, and the numbers 3 and 2

we had a great weekend, we went up to sonora pass to camp. sam took me to the yarn store in sonora-a tradition for when we drop the kids off at camp each year. i got some fun stuff of course.after we packed the camp, we drove up to the pass, gazed at nevada, hiked and picniced.
i sprained my ankle before spinning on thursday, so it was killing me all weekend! which made the hikes shorter than usual. oh, and i sliced open my thumb as we loaded the camp gear in our driveway, which made knitting a lil more difficult.

while at camp we went to wade in the lake. we didnt have suits with us, but tali didnt care. she walked right in and sat there. just sat there. didnt move. she is so like my mom!
we then drove to camp gilgal and depositted half of the kids. tali cried and cried. she thinks we are horrible for leaving them.
on the way home we stopped in cool california (yes a real town) for icecream.
for sesame street knitter i took a KIP picture b/c obviously knitting is is toothless jaden holding the sock for me. note the sign over his head says "Cool"
on the way home, i finished my monkey sock after many months. you can see where i was too relaxed at my gauge made the colours pool a bit. but i love it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

sea monkey socks

A pair of socks.

US 2

schaeffer anne not much yardage at all
i think this will be a good way to see how a new yarn knits up.

much more fun than a swatch!
the first pair had a little too much pink in them for a boy baby, but these have a nice "goes with khakis" look

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An afternoon well spent

using the lovely red hued hand dyed that was sent to me in the special swap...hearts and flowers version, i made a sock in a couple hours. :-)

I know you are soooo envious of my mad knitting skills! i mean the Harlot takes 16 hrs to make a sock, and here i made one sock in an afternoon of leisure.

rather than keep you in suspense here is the monkey of the day sock:

baby monkey socks by
Nikkiana at

US2 knitpicks
LOTR box lid for scale

i have another sock to make. Thanks JP for the new addiction! it was a great break from lace.

and since you know you are all interested...10 days til my birthday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Freedom Fiber Contest

Tirzah's freedom fiber arrived. this is alpaca yarn from the mosqoy foundation in south america. each ball is one HEAVY and the size of a grapefruit. we got a little extra for ourselves and some to give away.

so tali drew a name from the baby farmer's market basket.

and the winner is :

BubbeBobbie of the happy bubbe
Please choose what colour you would like!

Monday, June 11, 2007

around the world we go!

boy, do we need a vacation!
today we were sent on 2 trips! one was a delightful spin around the Isle of Man part of the British Isles. Mini's Pc's sister sent tirzah and kezzi a fun box filled with a complete adventure. the coins were a big hit with the boys by the way!

the girls have their very own pets. manx cats which remind me of the cartoon "peter no tail". has any one else seen that or just me?
the girls are laying on their stomachs reading about fairy like creatures in the book as we speak.
Lorinda, who G-d has joined to me over the last ..has it been years now??? sheesh! any ways, my friend in Il was my round the world special swap pal. and she sent me around the world with this box!
i have been dying to try the fleece artist! i can't wait! the boys think the fireworks straws are the coolest things ever. and i am drooling over the darcy book! :-)
thank you for the wonderful adventures! you guys rock!

stuff the boys think needs to be included..

there were tractors. big tractors and little tractors. a tractor parade, engines...
and a guy covered himself in bees

the weekend in review!

lots of pictures! watch out!
we went to the threshing bee at patrick ranch. members of the paradise spinning guild were there giving demo's on bothe wheels and drop spindles.
and then there was the loom....
Tirzah taught several women how to use the drop spindle. She did a very good job.

sam decided i need to spina new "fiber" and brought over some cotton candy.

which just happened to match the luxe fiber and fairy sparkles i was spinning, it is really berrylicious.
You shoulda seen the look on some peoples faces, apparently spinning cat and dog hair is NORMAL, but cotton candy is WEIRD!
there are lil sparkley bits that you can really see in the light.

JP sent me some needles at the same time my needle keeper things arrived!
the bugs are taming the needles, so they shouldn't puncture any one any more!
look how cute the lady bugs are!

tirzah's bat mitzvah shawl in progress... for the 3rd time :-(

Monday, June 04, 2007

monkey envy

it took a couple months but i finished my aunt's monkey socks. her foot is longer than mine (which is not saying much since i was trying on shoes at payless in the kids section) so ignore the weird looking kitchner impersonating toe. i still got purl bumps grafting it shut! argh!
the yarn was from highlyn my sockret pal, hand dyed by herself!
flash washed the colour a bit.
i love it! and cuz these are short socks, i may get 2 pairs out of the skein. :-)

my life has not been very "knitting with a pattern" friendly. so i was able to do these without the pattern which meant they got finished!
tomorrow i will try to get the fabulous Val in them for you guys.

gotta work on my mom's socks! seriously!
and finish those others for a patient person in hawaii. :-)

Friday, June 01, 2007

kezzis stripey socks

the jogless jog is turning out pretty good. you cant see the round change too much on the center bottom of the sock if the sock was flat and not creased anyways:-)

Panda Wool limeade
Panda Cotton violet?

(i thought they were both wool, til i got them home, oops!)

the kids found a dead bug. a jerusalem cricket/potatoe bug thing
tali loves him. yuck!
she also loves to play this:

what a girl!
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