Wednesday, May 30, 2007

sockapalooza4 and freedom fiber

i think i have decided on the pattern for my pal.
what do you think of socks with nups?

lily of the valley socks from jeanie townsend. she also has a freebie sock on the site, lilacs. but i think i like this one best. my pal's foot is not the same size as mine. so i am going a bit blindly on this.

have you ever made socks that do not fit some one? what did you do?

reminder just 2 days left of tirzah's freedom fiber contest!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Heather Ann's baby sweater

this was wonderfully fast to make. Lilly Lady bug was born on the 10th.
i posted a goal to make one. got the yarn at heartstrings, and bam! A FINISHED OBJECT!
i think it took 16 days.
EZ february baby sweater from the knitter's almanac ( got my copy from medrith glover in quincy, the medrith! go vist the woolroom and hear her stories! wonderful)
Kaleidescope baby yarn from cascade
US 5 knitpicks
used 1.5 balls
just needs buttons

Sunday, May 27, 2007

KTS3- bonus questions

1) Water - do you boil or microwave for hot tea? (Now, remember we need to keep this civil.)
boil, unless i am desperately being screamed at by a 18 mon old for tea. yes, i start them young. :-)

2) Iced Tea - do you boil tea bags, make sun tea, use instant or have some other arcane method of infusing the water (please share!)? (Folks, what part of CIVIL did you not understand?)
sun tea in a pickle jar...the really big kind.

3) Sugar - raw, cane or beet? Cubes, granular or chunk? Real sugar, pink stuff, yellow stuff or blue? (Okay, who threw the sugar bowl?!?)
prefer raw

4) Cup or mug? (I can hear those ugly mutterings from the back. Do we need to have a group hug?)
mug -cuz my tea cups are still packed in the garage.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Come visit us at the fair

the girls and i are at the "From our backs to yours" display in the baby animals section at the fair today and tomorrow. we will be at the sonicflood concert tonight,too. so if you are around, come see us!

interview me...oooh good questions!

claudia of "heal My Life" posed the questions. if you want to join in, floow the directions at the end of the post :-)

1. How long have you been knitting and how did you start?
after growing up crocheting, i was not going to let 2 sticks beat me. and i really wanted to knit socks. so i checked out all the knitting books. read them. returned them. got "stitch n bitch and figured it all out. now all the stuff i read when i recall it, makes sense.

2. If you had to pick only one book - which one has had the greatest impact on your life?
francios fenelon- the seeking heart

3. Of all the places you have lived, which was/is your favorite and which would you not return to even if someone paid you to go? prague and israel were my favourites. but i met my hubby in moscow so it is next on the list. i hate florida. it is the one place i have no desire to ever go back to. luckily my husband feels the same.

4. What lessons have you learned from your Grandfather?
until i was 15 i really didnt have a relationship with my grandparents. either grandfather or the 6 grandmothers. they were raising kids an aunt who is 5 yrs older than me, an uncle who is 3 yrs older and another 10 mons older) and juggling relationships. i have only lived near my family the last four years. which is why i make up any excuse to go to the shop and play with the tools with my grandpaw :-) i know how to use alot of power tools and can work with metals and woods. he has taught me alot about the local and our family history. and the last few years watching him go through a painful divorce and even have to defend me, have been great moments of love and sorrow. he never gives up. always sees things through. and always does every job the right way. no short cuts.

5. I see that you have a deep and abiding faith. So you feel your faith has influenced your blogging? If so, in what way?

i dont know if my faith does effect my blogging, because it is apart of everything i do. i wish i had more time to focus thought and write things out sometimes. for now i just blog about the things going on in our lives and the crafts that are wedge in there. :-) there are some wonderful devotional blogs out there.
but I will refer to tolkien who says "you can not keep G-d out of our stories". He is part of my story. so my faith will always be present some how.

DIRECTIONS FOR THE INTERVIEW MEME1. Leave a comment saying, "Interview me."2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. Beware, I'm not shy of asking personal questions! Please make sure I have your email address.3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.4. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Monday, May 21, 2007

sp10 sends the scents of summer

i got a wonderful box in the mail today! all my favourite things, dark chocolate, bath & body works, and yarn. i love it! thank you so much secret pal! i am off to float away in honeysuckle bath bubbles!

dori our speaker and her...personalities

dori drabeck was our speaker. she was so much fun. her characters would come out and talk, then afterwards she would return, as dori, and expound on their story. above is the lovely gloria before her makeover.
after the makeover

edna and her lovely scarf that matches everything :-)

i took a video of gloria doing a "rap" which was so funny. i will try to youtube it. heehee
3 days with no kids, no need to cook, a 20 min massage and a little time to knit.
then i walked in the door, immediately stepped in a melted popsicle, got banana slimed & leeched on by the baby, vaccumed the floors, made dinner, handed out presents...and went to bed.

180 brides in Sonora

we had a lovely weekend. we had escorts in their fancy tuxedos
incredibly wonderful food
flower girls gave each of us a veil
my goat b/c the kids said i would be lonely
jean in her veil
brynn did a wonderful job orchestrating this.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


my friend got an andean plyer. when grandpaw saw it, he knew he could make one for me. the original is the lighter on on the left, mine is the darker one.

hurray! now i just gotta figure it out.

one of the things i will be spinning and plying on it will be my new luxe fiber from the fabulous natasha!

in the box were fun little bits of fiber sparkles, and chuocolate. :-) i highly recommend ordering from her. it is a very exciting to see what shows up, besides your order. :-)

minestrone meme

mini tagged me
here is the scoop:
Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write on their blogs 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and need to read your blog.

1- i say the word "fun" alot...
2-i can not properly pronounce "huge" i loose the "h". i have no idea why. i have lived in too many regions. who else does this???
3-when at a resturaunt, i will not use any silverware that has touched the table. we won't even discuss the floor....
4-i still say that the alligators have my stuff, 15 yrs after hurricane andrew. i really miss some of it. even though i have replaced it...
5-i have been on the news 5 times, last night included, but they used the bad clip...not the good sound bites! grrr!
6-i still sleep holding sam's hand
7-i volunteer and commit to too much stuff b/c i hate seeing it not get done

i tag my mom, brooke, sue h, roni, chris so she will blog about something, same for lucy, and some one who hasn't done it

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

whit and whimsy

last night on the way up to redding....i began a sweater for heather's baby. mindless garter stitch! whoohoo! a slight break from the stupid sock i frogged for the 4th time. i must have written the instructions down wrong.

the night was realy cool. rosemary schindler is nice and beautiful. i was not expecting her to be so young! i wanted to get a picture of tirzah and chai chatting with her but the batteries in the camera died! i do have some semi clear photos from the "cry-room" which meant i could have kids running around AND hear the whole schpiel.
see the glass "seam"?

there was the reformed rabbi of redding , whose daughter is named talia too. he was very nice.

rabbi melamed sp? who is an iraqi jew, ex-haganah, IDF vetran and war hero. he totally rocked!

he escaped in 1941 from the nazi-muslim progroms in iraq in a bus in the desert in JULY! i think he said he was 7. can you imagine 3 weeks on a hot bus with kids?

the jewish consulate reps and cufi reps (christians united for israel) and they raised money for yad sarah and another israeli charity i think called zipporah that works with ethiopian jews in israel. $7,149.24

there was a lil bit of traditional dance, worship and a pretty decent goyish attempt at the aaronic benediction. botched pronounciation but decent anyways :-) heehee

our buddy daniel was asked to be a shofar blower. he always has it with him. he has known rosemary for years and is one of the best shofar guys in the north state. but i love it when he makes cattle noises thru it for tali.

we returned home around midnight. cuz sam was schmoozing. but i had packed sandwhiches and snacks. it was 96 up there before the confrence and 66 on the way home thank goodness! but the chocolate i had brought was soup! it will be 115-120degrees soon. yuck!

so that is a quick recap.

i had a dental appt today. my eye is still numb! so i am off...

oh! before i go! the whit and whimsy of M.E. from my knitters treat exchange pal. Linda. she sent sugar for the kids

now i am gonna curl up with the new interweave and a cuppa tea in my new cup! (IK has a knitted chuppah in it! very nice! but too bad it is after knitting wounded's wedding! drat!

Monday, May 14, 2007

summer goals...

i am trying to plan out what we will be doing this next summer and i ran upon a contest over at skeins her way that encouraged me to figure out my summer knitting goals.

i have about 6 different socks in progress i need to finish. a few are very much pattern in hand, not good for public knitting. the monkeys were an easily memorized pattern, and a couple are plain mindless stockinette once i do the heels! plus my mom's jaywalkers.

tirzah will be 12. i need to make her lace shawl for her bat mitzvah. i found a few patterns i want to use, we will see if i get the confidence to right it up myself.

my best friend, also named heather, had her first baby girl, lilly...she has 2 boys and 2 teens they adopted from their decade in russia. so a second daughter and a first daughter. i am thinking EZ almanac feb baby sweater, which suddenly has popped up on alot of blogs. elegant and one piece.
also, i have picovoli in brown to finish, lorelei, and another tank i want to make in green.

i hope ravelry will help me keep what is on the needles and in the que straight. must fight startitis!
non knitting plans:

tonight we will be driving up to meet with sacramento rebbes and oskar schindler's niece. how cool is that?! i am so excited. today is Israeli Independence day for those who aren't aware. and this is apart of that celebration.

we have a shavuot picnic in a week or so, then a lil break as far as holidays go.

the kids will be at camp gilgal and have hebrew classes again this summer. we are going to camp on the ride down and back up maybe. which gives a long drive to knit on ( 5 hrs). this weekend i will be at the minister's wives confrence. unfortunately the 4 hr drive will have me behind the wheel. but i am planning on knitting all weekend. charged up the mp3, just gotta pack my clothes and stuff. :-)
we may go to lake shastina in august with our friend, a local pastor, and camp with them. my grandpaw wants us to go camp with him too. caribou or philbrook are his hopes. i wish i had a foldup lil spinning wheel that i could take with. i really want to try the majacraft lil gem. i am not too thrilled about the joy. but i must pay off "ootzli gootzli" first. but camping is great for my knitting.

so that is what i have planned. my inlaws may be moving here which will be interesting. we will see how it effects the plans.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reveling in Ravelry

lately there has been quite a buzz on the blogs about Ravelry.
i have been waiting and waiting, but finally got my invite to join today!
it is linked very well with flickr and has a needle inventory along with current and eventual upcoming projects. once all my info is loaded in, which will take some time, i think it will be great.
my Ravelry notebook
the only thing it needs is friends. :-(
so if you have a ravelry page, let me know!

5 minutes for mom is having a giveaway. you have til noon tomorrow to enter.

A Sock tree!

i spent the afternoon at my grandpaw's. it is my favourite place to be.
while the kids ran in the meadow i was busy in the workshop.
i bought a 2' x 4' piece of oak and set to work with the band saw!
after cutting them all out, and power sanding... i have a lovely collection of sock blockers!

i made women's large, medium, and small, and a child size and 2 toddler sets.
i think these sould be presents! I want to make more!
so we will add a pair of sockblockers to the freedom fiber contest!
here are my aunt's socks that are not blocked yet (see the floppy edge) they are alpaca, US size 1, and were supposed to be her traditional bday socks, but i didnt get them done til now.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

wed was hump day-in a dromedary way

with some great advice from the wild spinning girls and wild fibers' camel edition.
this fluffy stuff became such plushy yummy yarn! 2 plyed it is 22 WPI, which i will have to look up what weight yarn that is.

3 oz yeilded 270 yds plus a lil hank i am keeping forever. perfectly balanced, no twisting when you hang it. i love it! it needs to be a very special project! :-) any ideas???

pictures of the day

We went to the park today to meet miss dimples and miss lacyzigzags
we had alot of fun
They brought me back wonderful gifts from seasocks since i didnt get to go. mama e seasocks seaweed toe up patterns and lana grossa :-)

Monday, May 07, 2007

busy bees

whoo! this ia a jam packed week at our house!
yesterday was my mom's bday. bubbe got an upgrade. chai says she is bubbe 5.1 hheehee
today i was the guest speaker at the LWMLeague women's lunch. they do alot of Israel grants and support. and i actually didnt suck this time. back in january i totally bit the dust at the thing i spoke at. seriously, do not be nice about it. i did.
this time no super sonic talking (i talk really fast when i am nervous) i didnt say "um" repeatedly just a couple times at the end. and even though my printer was not cooperative, and i went with out hand typed notes, i did have the hand scrawled ones.

and i was so nervous i called my BFF and when i got there, the woman who greeted me looked so much like Mrs. Guthrie that i was totally at ease. then this guy heard i was talking and so insisted on coming even though it was a women's thing. he was so cute. he came over, "i am mr fleischmann, my family is jewish ..." which totally made me giggle, really with that last name? who can you tell? i was told i did a good job b/c i made mr fleischmann cry.
so now i have a standard by which to measure all future speaking engagements. sucking means no one cries, speaking well means i make grownmen cry. :-D

thursday sam goes down to fox studios to tape a television interview. he thought it was radio, nope, it is TV. so he is a lil nervous. keep him in prayer.
and next monday we will be with oskar schindler's neice and the jewish leaders of the sacramento region. how cool is that? schindler's neice. i am so very excited about that.
( i know you couldn't tell)

Tirzah- has 50 signatures. whoohoo go girl.
we have some awesome south american alapaca on its way for the freedom fiber contest.
this is still on through may 31. 500 signatures in 30 days. can she do it?

the be sweet yarn company has a pretty cool story you might like to read. the y have an intro to the Xhosa women.

i tried really hard to learn Xhosa when i dated this guy from africa. i laughed too much. :-)
how do you say yarn in Xhosa?

Friday, May 04, 2007

tirzah's video
Tirzah recorded a youtube video about what she is doing. the lighting is pretty poor but you can her her voice.

After emailing several dozen companies, we received so great info.
So far we have been told these are ethical, fair trade, not produced with slave labour yarns

Manos de Uraguay
Frog Tree Alpaca
Mosquoy Alpaca
Blue Sky Alpaca
Be Sweet Products
Artspun has a fair trade camel -this is important because many of the children enslaved are used as camel jockeys. they also have fairtrade beads from Ghana
If you this makes you decide to purchase these yarns please comment!
we are still trying to locate a good silk yarn, the organics are "larvae" friendly-we want to find one that is people friendly too!

There are more people in slavery now than in 1860.
Tirzah has some great statistics on her blog, so i encourage you to visit her
Tirzah's goal is 500 signatures in 30 days. so far she has 32. go Tirzah!

update-since you asked, tirzah is doing pretty well health wise. her last UCDavis appt was a bit scary with urine the colour of redwine. but they said as long as her kidneys are doing this in flares and not more constant we wont have to take agressive measures with her HSP (chemo, prednisone, transplants...) They are uping her omega 3 fish oils to help safe guard her kidney- the right one- for a little longer. the build up in her kidneys feels like kidney stones, which explains the back pain she was having. So far there isn't a need for bedrest like last year. Keep praying for her!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

be the change and a freedom fiber contest

the justice generation

Tirzah has been reading a book by Zach Hunter. He is a 15 yr old boy who wants to end modern day slavery. 27 million people are in slavery. 27 million.
Tirzah has been praying for sudan for years. her uncle pastors a sudanese church. as a family we knew some things about what is going on over there, the genocide, the child warriors, kidknapping and slaves. but Tirzah has been educating us further. slavery is not just on one continent, in one hemisphere.
slaves are used in cigarette making, cocoa harvesting, rug making, farming...

do you think slavery doesn't exist in our country? boy, are you wrong! can you believe it? slaves in america 140 yrs after Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and 200 yrs after the Slave Trade Act of the UK.

An estimated 14,000 people are trafficked into the United States each year. the illegal immigrant protests kinda look like part of a smoke and mirrors scam. with better borders could we stop 1,500-2,200 persons that are trafficked through Canada into the United States?

What about slavery in Canada? the UK?
if we did something would we be able to find and free the slaves being used in our nations? nothing will change if we do nothing.

having lived near the tomato farms in Florida i feel guilty for not knowing, not asking. not caring.

it is time to start caring.

tirzah has a petition. she is collecting signatures. you can sign it over at:

you can comment on her blog

"I, the undersigned, affirm the inherent dignity and worth of all people and the right of every child and adult to live free from slavery and involuntary servitude. I call upon world leaders to commit themselves to the abolition of slavery around the world. Let my name demonstrate my desire to see the emancipation of slaves and accountability for slave masters and others who benefit from the enslavement of people. "

if you sign the petition, leave us a comment and we will enter you to win.
if you print a petition and circulate it, tell us how many names you have.
every signature will get you another chance to win contest.
add the free the slaves blog button to your blog and that is another entry!
post this and link back and that gives you another entry.

Freedom fiber! Yarn that is not connected to slavery will be given away and chocolate that has not been harvested with the use of slaves!

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