Saturday, December 08, 2007


my post man told me i had a very INTERESTING package awaiting me.

he was right

here is jadey holding the "package".

tali fell asleep on the way home, so here she is covered in the bounty of the bottle

3 skeins of KPshimmer

2 skeins Kp solid

candle flame picture-perfect for chanukah

a DPN tube -hurray no more stabbing thru the sides of my bag
my pal was so wonderful this round. thank you so much!


Mary J. said...

Wait, they actually shipped the bottle? Cool beans. How did you get it open?

Heatherly said...

how to mail a bottle

Mary Lynn said...

Mailing a bottle is great fun! The biggest problem I ever had was in trying to get it through security at our local federal building, which is where I usually mail packages. The security guards wouldn't let me through. However, if I have a totally enclosed and wrapped box, it is okay. Hmmmm.

I'm glad you liked the package. This was a fun swap and I enjoyed getting to know you and your wonderful family!

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