Thursday, December 27, 2007

sock math

Sam’s Shoe size 12
One row = 80 stitches (sts)
One row takes approximately 5.33 minutes to knit
There are approximately 210 rows in one sock
210 rows X 5.33 min. = 1119.3 min.
1119.3 min divided by 60 min. (1 hr.) = 18.65 hrs
18.65 hrs hrs X $7.00 (minimal for skilled labor) = $130.55 for one sock
$130.55 X 2 = $ 261.10 per pair
+ materials ($21.00) = $282.10 for one pair of men's size 12 socks


J.P. said...

Those calculations made my head hurt, but those socks are awesome!

Scrabblequeen said...

Now I know why Daniel and Andrew don't have mom knit socks!

2trees said...

Dh's Xmas socks are much cheaper. Only $207.40. :P~

Dana said...

I love your calculations- it really makes you appreciate handknits.

Laurie said...

With the time, cost and love put into these socks, I am assuming that your sweet husband can almost walk on water:)? You are so talented and these socks look so yummy comfy. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas season and everyone is well. Hooray for Tirzah, I can only imagine how excited she is about going to Africa in Sept. It's okay mom and dad and all, the Lord will keep her safe. He gave her this hearts desire, He will direct her path.

Love, Laurie in So.Ca. (It's WET today)

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