Saturday, December 22, 2007


in a time of year where there are hesitant greetings on my answering machine as people battle with "should i say merry christmas?" to the jewish family...heehee

there are moments of speechlessness, like my daughter who told the mall santa that he was evil. (tirzah was 4), or the boys making up their own christmas songs ( o christmas tree o christmas tree, why are you such an idol ) they get it from their dad!

i love to say merry christmas at the store b/c the employees often can only reply it back and are not allowed to say it first. such nonsense! G-d bless you is much more acceptible too at this season.

but my favourite thing so far this year has been hearing a poor man on vicodin preach and say "bethlehem Eu-FART-a". ROFL ROFL ROFL

oh and i got new socks! My KBFF Brooke made me some fabulous "drunk n sober" sox. ( not the drunken bees socks you've been seeing around blogland , but a special and secret pattern :-D ) now i truly believe, warm hand made socks just might be one of the real meanings of christmas. heehee


Plum Texan said...

tee hee! It sounds like the hesitation I have with commenting "good shabbes" at an Orthodox friend's blog when it's after sundown on a Friday and I know she won't see it until after...especially since I'm not Jewish... :) But I like your solutions!

As for your daughter's assertion, many mall Santas *are* evil, and I have a photo from my childhood to prove it! It all works out in the end, I guess...

bubbebobbie said...

Ah but you do not know about the five year old yet that sighs "when I get married, I am going to have a Christmas tree. I hope I marry a man that likes Chrsitmas trees!"

I am thinking if this continues Pa may have to take her chopping one of these years!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and please God heal my baby's back!

Oh and stop the Christmas Jail house insanity! AMEN!

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