Thursday, December 27, 2007

presidential names

as we get ready for primaries all over, i thought i would see what our canidates' names mean.
cuz, i think meanings of names are important...
first, middle and last names if i can find them, in no particular order

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton - "hilarious, cheerful, happy"; divine, goddess ; fenced settlement (ok, hilarious.... and the fenced part..she married into that confinement)
Johnny Reid Edwards- "the L-rd is gracious"; wealth protector ( so will he be protecting the rich? and johnny is soo southern )
Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. -"the Lord increases"; bright fame; (robinette, hahahaha)
Christopher John Dodd -"bearer of christ"; "the L-rd is gracious"; ; dodge ( has he been dodgey on the issues?)
Maurice Robert "Mike" Gravel-"Dark Skinned" ; rocks
Dennis John Kucinich -follower of Dionysius ( the whole idolatry thing isnt for me)
Barack Hussein Obama-"blessing" ; good, small handsome one; ( blessings are always good the hussein part though)
William Blaine Richardson III-"will helmet, protection";Yellow (will he increase our military or is yellow?)

Tommy G. Thompson -"twin";farmer; son of a twin (also means double, sounds deceptive)
Willard Mitt Romney -"from the mill town"; Wanderer (wandering eye? where does he stand on polygamy?
Ronald Ernest Paul -"ruler's counselor"; "small" (considering his campaign is financed by white extermists...i dont want to know HIS ruler, and "Hi ,Vern!)
Duncan Lee Hunter - "dark warrior"; meadow; one who hunts (we are still fighting clinton's and bush's wars...we could use some one to end them, not get us in anymore)
Rudolph William Louis Giuliani -"famous wolf" -"will helmet, protection"(yikes!)
Samuel Dale Brownback- "God has heard" ( i like tha name sam, heehee)
Michael Dale Huckabee- "who can compare to G-d"; valley; (over hill , over dale... dale seems popular)
Fred Dalton Thompson- peace ruler; from the valley; son of a twin (unfortunately there will only be peace with messiah, but nice meaning)
John Sidney McCain III- "the L-rd is gracious"; Contraction Of St. Denys ;

Donald J. Grundmann- World Leader ; (yuck!)

Cynthia McKinney- From Kinthos, moon goddess ( still not a fan of idolatry)
Kent Mesplay -high (ok green party and his name means high? just how GREEN is he?)
Kat Swift -pure (pure what?)
Ralph Nader- Wolf Counsel ; ( is he talking to giuliani)

very interesting....

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bubbebobbie said...

oh cute! that has me giggling to no end!

Love, mom

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