Sunday, December 16, 2007

Current projects

OMG! i had to take a break from socks!
so here are some "big" needle projects i have been working on. i know big is realative, but they are not size 0,1 or 2 needle projects!

Gretel by Ysolda

another heather and i have been working on this. my yarn matches my eyes exactly, which means it also matches tirzah's. so guess who already has her eye on it? yep, the girl gets the hat. but it has only been 2-3 days of work so i can make another for me
cascade 220
us 5 and 7

Latvian braid kippah
i made this for Sam for chanukah.
the extra time casting on with the braid was well worth it. love it!

DB pure silk & merino silk yarns
US3 and 1

Tudora from knitty
a nice lil neckwarmer. unfortunately i ran out of yarn 10sts from binding off! boohoo. i finished with a crochet bind off .
needs buttons. i havent decided on the button band and what to do.
i think it needs a new england home though, so warm.

this is the oringinal.

andean silk? from KP a wool silk blend
US 6


Scrabblequeen said...

I love the Kippah, what pattern is it? I'd like to make one for my Daniel. When do you need the hats by?

mrsmiz said...

hey! i love that color for gretel! I am using a purple-cascade indulgence- baby alpaca/angora soft! i hope i have enough :)

heather ;)

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