Monday, December 10, 2007

Baruch HaShem!

ok, i am way behind on posting.
but we took tirzah to UCDavis and they gave her an appointment for 6 mons from now.
this hasnt happened in 3 yrs.

also her kidneys are doing so well that they are clearing her for her trip to africa.

so please keep tirzah in prayer as she prepares the next year to go to rwanda.
thank you for all your prayers the last few yrs.

edited to add: last week they thought mom had a blood clot in her leg, which meant lots of bedrest. today it was ruled out and they are sending her for an MRI. i told my mom it was only impending death that finally got her to sit down and get off her feet. and she didnt even do that well! she was really upset over not getting to see the kids reactions to the go kart and watching them ride. (which was so much fun. tirzah has been asking for one for 3 yrs now and dad found a deal that he also got to swap computer repair for) as soon as i get pictures downloaded i will post chanukah. tonight is night 7.

so, anyone know where in the Bible, Jesus celebrated chanukah?


Shan said...

Glad to hear about Tirzah - sorry to hear about your mom. I hope it turns out well.

As to your last question, you've stumped me.

bubbebobbie said...


Sit Down Horshack!

Ok I just wanted to state, I DO!

I love you and I am sitting down!

Hugs and kisses mom

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