Monday, November 26, 2007

4 thyroidal women, 2 roasted turkeys and 4 baby socks

thanksgiving was very good and interesting.
we had lots of company but my brother got held up and never made it.
my other brother moved to colorado from arizona, in the snow.

i have lots of pictures to post once i download them.
my favourites is "great grandpaw" wearing indian feathers and pilgrim bonnets with/for the kids. heehee
i will leave you with the beautiful tali showing off her "feets". she only will wear handknit socks. and has outgrown her angora ones. so sad. so here are her new ones. i made them while we watched spiderman3. :-)
the 48 st monkees are for zemeira yarn was from knit-it-good, an etsy artisan.
it was called sleeping beauty and is from her fairy tale collection. zemeira loves sleeping beauty and was born with the dawn in aurora,co. so they are the perfect colorway!


Kristin said...

Hello Heatherly. I need my SP11's address to mail her a big box of goodies today. It's hollyarns. If you could e-mail me that would be GREAT!!!!!!!

Knit - R - Done said...

Very, very sweet.

Ayelet said...

Tali is gorgeous..
And you knit a pair of socks in an hour and a half? how??

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