Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spinning Guild Luncheon

WARNING: lots of pictures!
the spinning guild went to Sue's place for a day of fun. we had a fabulous lunch. and then romped with the sheep.
she raises cormo sheep which are a corriedale and merino cross.the are coated year round which keeps the "vegetable matter" out of the fiber.

you know you are at a sheep ranch when the tub is filled with their jackets :-)
Toni got out the goat cart and took Jim and Bob for a spin
Sue has sent her fleeces all over to be spun into yarn and made into roving. some were blended with soy or corn or bamboo silk. i love the ribbon of silk colours in these two.
here is her best in show lambtown fleece the fleece barn is getting a little low. the coloured fleeces are on a waiting list next year's are partially spoken for already. we played with the cast off skirted bits at the threshing bee, and even those were phenomenal compared to some of the commercial stuff.

bags of more fabulous rovings
you can purschase the fleeces, rovings, yarns etc.. at her website
see, sam. our bedroom isnt so over run with stash. :-)
i brought home a cormo soy blend roving and some fingering weight that "blooms" a lil bigger. i have a shawl in mind for thissome of the wheel variety in our group. Majacraft Suzie, an original handmade wheel, ashford traveler and joy, and jackie's new babe fresh from the box. ( she has a schaht, too)


Penny said...

WOW sounds like you had a great time. I am going to be taking a 2 day spinning workshop at the LYS up the street in November (11 &18) given by Francine of Rovings which I am so looking forward to. I know it will be a long time until I can afford a wheel of my own but just to be able to have a chance to learn and play is very exciting.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I didn't know people dressed their sheep; it's a good idea. See, you learn something new everyday!

And I'm still working the israeli salad recipe out of the HusBoy, stay tuned...

Beth said...

It looks like you had a terrific time. In Williamsburg, I was able to talk with a woman who was spinning. She made it look so easy! And I was able to gaze upon the sheep they raise there - Leicester Longwool.

Theresa said...

WOW! This looks like fun! I wish I could get together with other spinners like this. :o) I'm just a little too far (Sac) for a day drive for a spinning event.

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