Monday, October 22, 2007

pictures in spite of electric squirrels!

a squirrel is the reason 3600 people have no power. stupid squirrel.
here are the pictures i promised. dad recovered them off the camera memory card.

the ones we took like our wedding month pictures are not among the recovered so far....please let them be on the PC at home!

our anniversary picnic lunch: pomegranate soda with pugleise bread topped with chevre or marinated mozerella, beef summer sausage, and olive tapinade...i think its all spelled right! shew!

aspens in volcanic rock
driving along 36 i think....shmuel takes obscure roads and i just go along for the ride. bidwell house-the summer cottage of the bidwells (chico has their mansion)
our room at bidwell house in chester
a view of mount lassen quincy

thimble berry trees also called monkey ball trees


Beth said...

It looks like a beautiful part of the country. I'm glad you had a great time.

Hanane said...

Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing Happy Anniversary

Salaam and Shalom

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