Friday, October 26, 2007

monkees and secret pals

my monkey swap box came :-)
look at that cute monkey face! ilove the lil monkey melanie made!

the socks fit perfectly :-)

also mysp11 box came

i plan to use the pumpkin lace wait for a lacey smoke ring ...the one at

zemeira took the candy corn lip gloss, she really loves how it smells. the green apple one is MINE MINE MINE! i have already conspired to knit a few of the things in the book. thank you secret pal!
these are the thanksgiving monkeys haning out, waiting for my pal....see how they match the foliage?


Beth said...

Both pairs of socks look great!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the box of stuff. And the lip balms are perfect for this time of year. And I too have been eyeing up some things from that book . . .

Have fun.

Your SP11 Pal

J.P. said...

Oooh.. fun packages! :)

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