Friday, October 19, 2007

I am officially warped

my 32" ridge heddle with the 12.5 instead of the one it usually comes with. (bruce rocks! he had them switch it out for me. i love yarn basket!)

i stained it the golden pecan to match my wheel. and this week grandpaw redid my floppy folding table with a new wooden top. the square table is not wide enough as you can see. but the 20"x48" one is prefect. and now it has a heat resistant top too! ( heat tools melt vinyl, so do toaster ovens heehee) painted the table and being a perfectionist he perfectly sculpted the corners.

Anniversary sock yarn:

chasing rainbows wool/tencel Toas colorway , some claudia handpaint, colinette jitterbug....soo perfect! but i cant remember its name, master grey wildefoot for the yarn harlot's earl grey socks "master grey" colorway. sam loves earl grey tea so it is going to be part of his present this chanukah. he has been feeling left out in the sock department, but size 12 feet take alot of yarn!

this shows the jitterbug colours better. earl grey yarn form yarnbasket, everything else from heart strings in chico.


Shan said...

Oh my gosh is that YOU in the first picture? Because if it IS you, I am crying with envy of your hair.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and happy anniversary.

Your SP11 Pal

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