Tuesday, October 02, 2007


thank you for all the loverly comments on the shawl and the Girl :-)
i was so terrified it was going to look like a giant fried egg!
this was my first piece of lace...as far as knitting. i have lots of crochet lace pieces.
it was such a learning experience.

my hubby said it was tremendous and like something from one of those magazines.
when i asked what magazines he alluded to IK, Vogue and those things i force him to get at barnes n noble. apparently socks are not impressive to him but this is :-)
i am now an artisan and not a hobbyist in his eyes.

when i asked tirzah if it was what she hoped for she said, it is so much more.
which reduced me to tears.

just like creation shouts of G-d's love for us, i hope this will always remind her of my love for her.

now i am off to do the other stuff for friday.
thank you again for all your encouraging and loving comments. :-)


brooke said...

Fried eye - my eye!! This is something that, my guess is, your great grandchild will wear and say "You know, Great Greadma Yenta knit this for grandma Tirzah waaaaay back in 2007 - you know, the olden days" LOL.

Laurie said...

I am wishing for you the most blessed day tomorrow as it is Tirzahs special day. Again, looking at it, it is so beautiful and the young lady in it!
Praying the weather is beautiful, the celebration to be one she will never forget, knowing how special she is to you and to the Lord. Don't forget the tissues on the way out the door:) What an honor to watch the "training up of your child". Your hearts must be bursting in joy, you and Sam.
Be Blessed beyond measure tomorrow and soak in the love all around you.

Thinking about you tomorrow in So. Ca. ~~Laurie~~

Lesa said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!

Sue H said...

It's always nice to have positive comments from your blog readers, but so much more when it's from your loved ones, especially the recipient of your lovely handiwork.

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