Monday, October 22, 2007

B&B, socks and job offers

we had the most wonderful weekend. the colours, weather -everything was beautiful.
my camera was sync'd and downloading when the power went out.
i had it set up to erase as it saved. i am hoping the pix are not in neverneverland.
in dec the swans come to winter in chester. i want to wear swan lake stole and see the swans!
i met a chico area knitter while up there too! hi kate!

my monkey socks came! ooooohh eeee eee ooh!
i love what melanie made for me!
i hope to upload thepix of that too.

today i got a job offer. salary, benefits and yarn. if it was 18 mons ago, i would be packing!
drat! but the coolest thing is i have the see the world thing, the mom and wife thing, and a few little odd jobs at stamp and yarn stores, some teaching... b ut never have i ever been offered a salaried position before.

it was such a boost, thanks sue! even though i cant scoop everyone up and come, just that you want me has plastered a permananet smile on my face today!

i have a Rocks and Sox plan for the world series... stay tuned!

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Theresa said...

Oh no! I hope you get your pics back. The ones I have seen so far are gorgeous! I never erase my cards until after I have also made a back up CD/DVD because I have heard so many horror stories, including one friend whose house was broken into and the whole computer stolen!

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