Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spinning Guild Luncheon

WARNING: lots of pictures!
the spinning guild went to Sue's place for a day of fun. we had a fabulous lunch. and then romped with the sheep.
she raises cormo sheep which are a corriedale and merino cross.the are coated year round which keeps the "vegetable matter" out of the fiber.

you know you are at a sheep ranch when the tub is filled with their jackets :-)
Toni got out the goat cart and took Jim and Bob for a spin
Sue has sent her fleeces all over to be spun into yarn and made into roving. some were blended with soy or corn or bamboo silk. i love the ribbon of silk colours in these two.
here is her best in show lambtown fleece the fleece barn is getting a little low. the coloured fleeces are on a waiting list next year's are partially spoken for already. we played with the cast off skirted bits at the threshing bee, and even those were phenomenal compared to some of the commercial stuff.

bags of more fabulous rovings
you can purschase the fleeces, rovings, yarns etc.. at her website
see, sam. our bedroom isnt so over run with stash. :-)
i brought home a cormo soy blend roving and some fingering weight that "blooms" a lil bigger. i have a shawl in mind for thissome of the wheel variety in our group. Majacraft Suzie, an original handmade wheel, ashford traveler and joy, and jackie's new babe fresh from the box. ( she has a schaht, too)

Friday, October 26, 2007

monkees and secret pals

my monkey swap box came :-)
look at that cute monkey face! ilove the lil monkey melanie made!

the socks fit perfectly :-)

also mysp11 box came

i plan to use the pumpkin lace wait for a lacey smoke ring ...the one at

zemeira took the candy corn lip gloss, she really loves how it smells. the green apple one is MINE MINE MINE! i have already conspired to knit a few of the things in the book. thank you secret pal!
these are the thanksgiving monkeys haning out, waiting for my pal....see how they match the foliage?

Monday, October 22, 2007

a couple more anniversary photos

i hope to scan the ones we took in Colorado the week of our wedding, but for now these are the ones to copy those, here in NorCal. pretend that i didnt forget to bring my makeup with me.

i think these are along the indian river/creek. but it could be a fork of the feather river

pictures in spite of electric squirrels!

a squirrel is the reason 3600 people have no power. stupid squirrel.
here are the pictures i promised. dad recovered them off the camera memory card.

the ones we took like our wedding month pictures are not among the recovered so far....please let them be on the PC at home!

our anniversary picnic lunch: pomegranate soda with pugleise bread topped with chevre or marinated mozerella, beef summer sausage, and olive tapinade...i think its all spelled right! shew!

aspens in volcanic rock
driving along 36 i think....shmuel takes obscure roads and i just go along for the ride. bidwell house-the summer cottage of the bidwells (chico has their mansion)
our room at bidwell house in chester
a view of mount lassen quincy

thimble berry trees also called monkey ball trees

B&B, socks and job offers

we had the most wonderful weekend. the colours, weather -everything was beautiful.
my camera was sync'd and downloading when the power went out.
i had it set up to erase as it saved. i am hoping the pix are not in neverneverland.
in dec the swans come to winter in chester. i want to wear swan lake stole and see the swans!
i met a chico area knitter while up there too! hi kate!

my monkey socks came! ooooohh eeee eee ooh!
i love what melanie made for me!
i hope to upload thepix of that too.

today i got a job offer. salary, benefits and yarn. if it was 18 mons ago, i would be packing!
drat! but the coolest thing is i have the see the world thing, the mom and wife thing, and a few little odd jobs at stamp and yarn stores, some teaching... b ut never have i ever been offered a salaried position before.

it was such a boost, thanks sue! even though i cant scoop everyone up and come, just that you want me has plastered a permananet smile on my face today!

i have a Rocks and Sox plan for the world series... stay tuned!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am officially warped

my 32" ridge heddle with the 12.5 instead of the one it usually comes with. (bruce rocks! he had them switch it out for me. i love yarn basket!)

i stained it the golden pecan to match my wheel. and this week grandpaw redid my floppy folding table with a new wooden top. the square table is not wide enough as you can see. but the 20"x48" one is prefect. and now it has a heat resistant top too! ( heat tools melt vinyl, so do toaster ovens heehee) painted the table and being a perfectionist he perfectly sculpted the corners.

Anniversary sock yarn:

chasing rainbows wool/tencel Toas colorway , some claudia handpaint, colinette jitterbug....soo perfect! but i cant remember its name, master grey wildefoot for the yarn harlot's earl grey socks "master grey" colorway. sam loves earl grey tea so it is going to be part of his present this chanukah. he has been feeling left out in the sock department, but size 12 feet take alot of yarn!

this shows the jitterbug colours better. earl grey yarn form yarnbasket, everything else from heart strings in chico.

Birthday week

coming up for air and packing to go away for the weekend (anniversary, whoohoo!)

Here are a few pictures from the birthday week Tirzah the 14th, Tali the 18th

one of tirzah's presents was a pillow kezzi made for her. all the sewing herself

tali told everyone she was having a "happy" and wanted a "LALA dress" (cuz she cant say cinderella. we have 3 blue cinderella dresses, already so bubbe got a wedding one

my fave picture is the princess on the throne

blowing out candles

Friday, October 12, 2007

bat mitzvah baby

shew! it has been such a crazy week. all the family vistors are home, things are settling down. so here are some pictures of last weekend for you.
these are from mom's camera since i still havent downloaded my set. hopefully i can do that sunday before tali's bday party.

lighting candles, she

Psalm 121 same that was read at her simchat habat (at all the girls' actually)

read by Pa

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


thank you for all the loverly comments on the shawl and the Girl :-)
i was so terrified it was going to look like a giant fried egg!
this was my first piece of far as knitting. i have lots of crochet lace pieces.
it was such a learning experience.

my hubby said it was tremendous and like something from one of those magazines.
when i asked what magazines he alluded to IK, Vogue and those things i force him to get at barnes n noble. apparently socks are not impressive to him but this is :-)
i am now an artisan and not a hobbyist in his eyes.

when i asked tirzah if it was what she hoped for she said, it is so much more.
which reduced me to tears.

just like creation shouts of G-d's love for us, i hope this will always remind her of my love for her.

now i am off to do the other stuff for friday.
thank you again for all your encouraging and loving comments. :-)
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