Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When smoke gets in your eyes...

At 3 am we were up sniffing out the source of smoke, we couldnt find it, why?
it is in the next county.
we have sealed the house up, the asthma kids have puffed on their inhalers,
and we have settled in for the day.
the air purifier from when we lived in colorado is coming in handy ( the big fires there were further away but dumped ash all over us.)
Yesterday was our first school day. when i get the pictures from dad i will upload them. Zemeira did wonderfully at kindergarten, but assumed she would magically know yersterday how to write stories without help and with out copying. the fact that she couldn't reduced her to tears. poor bella girl!


Gwen said...

is that fire from down my way bugging you? i can't even smell it on campus (sjsu), nor at my house in san jose!

the wind is supposed to turn today, i hope it gets better for you!

Yarn It said...

The air quality is awful. They kept all our kids in school like on a rainy day. Hope your asthma kids are doing ok. Sophie has miraculously been fine!

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