Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tirzah and Married2it

Tirzah's dr appt went Ok. that is about it. they have no idea why it happened.

i haven't spoken to a real person at UCDavis. but she sees kidney specialists there, and i am wondering about gastro or something dr's.

she seems great. i am going to pick up aloe juice which i had looked for over a week ago, because it is supposed to help with HSP intestinal flare ups.

happy things:

my mom's friend TrainingHearts made me this button for my group idea for women married to men whose vocation is of a more Etheral nature, pastors, rabbis, etc... including youth and music ministry.

isnt it awesome?


Beth said...

Thanks for the update on Tirzah. I'm glad she's doing well. That must be frustrating to not know why she was sick.

I like the button for your group!

bubbebobbie said...

Thanking God with you and as I look to the right I am wondering when we moved to Afghanistan??? hee hee!
The button is awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

I love you, mom

Deborah said...

Nice blog! I really enjoyed my visit.

knitknak said...

uh....the aloe juice is also a if constipation is part of the intestinal flare up then it oughta be good. but if it's not....yikes. :)
glad she's doing better!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Tirzah continues to do well. It is just so hard when a child is sick and with all the medical knowledge available, it is even more frustrating when they just cannot pin point the reasons and causes. My now 6 year old has been hospitalized three times in his short life, twice for things that they could not pinpoint what was happening. But, he got better, soooooo.

I really enjoyed the button. It is a great gift to dedicate all of your life to God and support someone who does so too. God bless.

Your SP11 Pal

Creative Genius? said...

Please tell Tirzah that we're praying for here over, the hubbie, Avi, and of course the Hedgehog!!!

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