Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Days of Living History

We had alot of fun volunteering this year. Lisa, friend of Lara's was there too the first day.
It rained alot, so we went to the school house to get dry. The school marm let the girls practice writing. they also bulit brid houses and bird feeders, made their own bread, blackberry jam, sewed buttons on, washed clothes ( i dont think they will complain about helping with laundry at home after the wringer washer), planted succulants, made ropes, tin can telephones, and visited with the black smith who was a friend of ours' Dad.
Zemeira tried to write "Bella" on the slate.
she tried the pen and ink pot but got really inky hands :-)

The girls were a great help. And we were in the Paradise Post :-)


Beth said...

It looks like it was a fun time, except for the rain.

Anonymous said...

THat looks like fun! we went to a pioneer days fest this past weekend...the girls learned how to help rip up sheets to make strips for crocheting a rug-I was disappointed they didn't have ANY weaving or spinning! just sewing! didn't they do that stuff back then? then again, our town is a bit down on the fiber related hobbies. I need to get something goign, you know??!!

heather :)

bubbebobbie said...

Hey go over to Canadagirl's blog sidn MR Linky and use this for a Fridat Sho and Tell. I love it! And add Tirzah's and Kezziah's too! That is so cool. mom

Diana said...

What a fabulous experience! I enjoyed checking out your blog. Thanks for adding me to your ravelry friends! I just got in today so it was a surprise that I was added by someone I didn't even know! Shalom!!

Theresa said...

This looks like a really fun day. Your girls look beautiful in their costumes!

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