Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a confession

My Nature's bounty Swap package arrived.
Here is what I am to spin up. SOOOOOOOOOO pretty!
i hope my partner likes her fiber, though it is not as colourful as this!

I realized I only have 3 weeks to go til Tirzah's Bat Mitzvah.
I also realized I was ready for the last colour.
This was terrifying, since i had yet to order the last colour!
so i went to Sarah'syarns, placed the order.

an hour after the order was placed it was in the mail! how awesome is that?!
so yesterday it arrived. the order was placed friday!
so i am all set to knit, but i don't have the pattern with me!!!! ( i am at my mother's)
i am now thinking i was too distracted by sox.
how disracted you might ask?
well below is the evidence of my startitis.

toe up german honey bees in schaeffer anne yellows
jaywalker's in KP essential stripes meadow something colourway
persephone in mama E's arn
KP old sock yarn in footlets style for the littler girls
and the stripey sock.

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