Sunday, August 26, 2007

this crazy life

we are totally wiped out today!
yesterday, without a camera ofcourse, we went to our friend's houseboat.
tubing, jetskiing and just living in the water all day.
it was very wonderful, no sunburms.
tali even went down the water slide twice. so brave for not being 2 yet!
zemeira was telling our friend who was driving the boat not to drive her parents so fast, as i was saying faster, i guess she said "you are causing a scene" how funny is that?
my goal was to freak sam out and flip him. which i did. heehee

a local pastor is out of town, so he has Sam doing the preaching today-both services. in a few weeks it will be on TV and i will try to tape it. i wonder how sore he is after yesterday's activities.... he got up early, i slept in, though i did open an eye and check on his choice of clothing. (you can't trust men to actually dress themselves.)

this month has been soo busy, we were both home on thursday at the same time for the first time in 3 weeks. (last saturday i was speaking for a church women's function to educate them on jewish things and encourage them to support and visit israel. so i was gone and he was home)
when he comes home today, i am off to brooke's to knit and stuff.

and we haven't even gotten to high holy days, and bat mitzvahs!

and yes, i have been avoiding the whole 15 yrs post hurricane andrew thing.
i am doing fine.
i can breathe, and even better i can let go of things and throw them away with out freaking out now. why does that happen after you loose your entire home?
4 yrs after things weren't good there still, why do they think katrina's aftermath should be different? homestead just wanted trash service a year after the hurricane.

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