Thursday, August 30, 2007

sweet friends and sweet feet

thank you for all the sweet thoughts for tirzah.

my mom keeps asking how i am, cuz i am an avoider. :-) since i am avoiding, i am doing fine :-D

seriously, right now i am good, in 10-14 days when all the results come in, i will be "processing" and stressing out. but right now i am good.

it is untolerably hot! by 10 am we were in the pool. if you are sweating, i mean "glistening" while making breakfast, it is not gonna be a good day.

kezzi's green and prurple stripey socks now fit her 5 yr old sister, so i am working on replacements. 68 st jaywalkers.

here are mom's new socks

luxe fibre handdyed for me "hawthorne" colourway
sport weight
US 3
a hard to see cable at the ankles.
natasha did an awesome job, no pooling, the stripes lined up perfectly. i am really impressed!

1 comment:

Ayelet said...

What pretty socks! I would put them on and go swimming :)
All the best to Tirzah - I'm sure everything will turn out ok. How brave she is, for taking all those needle pokes!

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