Monday, August 13, 2007

the sockdown smack down

to help me keep track of the challenges... i am posting the details here.

Sockdown: Ravelry is a year-long personal knitting challenge that will begin on August 1, 2007 and end on September 30, 2008. Members of Sock Knitters Anonymous are NOT required to participate in the KAL, although I'm a firm believer in "the more, the merrier" and everyone are encouraged to join in.
This challenge was designed to encourage knitters to try different techniques, master new skills, and assuage Startitis. Each month, knitters can choose between a designer or a technique to participate.
The Schedule:
08/07: Sockbug/ or Lace
09/07: Grumperina/ or Toe-up
10/07: Nancy Bush/ or Cables
11/07: Evelyn Clark/ or Mystery Sock by Mona Schmidt (November also marks the official start of the Magical Mystery Sock Tour; month's with a + will also feature an optional Mystery pattern for SKA members)
12/07: Miriam Felton/ or Cuff-down
01/08: Cookie A. / or Intarsia+
02/08: Eunny Jang/ or New heel
03/08: Ann Budd/ or Entrelac+
04/08: Jean Townsend/ or Surprise pattern - no picture of the FO
05/08: Gigi Silva/ or Fair Isle+
06/08: Priscilla Gibson-Roberts / or Design-you-own
07/08: Charlene Schurch/ or Micro-gauge+
To be eligible for each month's Sockdown prize (of which there are many), KAL knitters must finish a pair of socks within two months of the CO date (i.e. August's deadline is Sept 30). Prizes will be awarded randomly and not according to speed or the complexity of the FO.
Starting on the 1st of every month, 2 threads will begin - a progress/ WIP thread and one for FO's. On odd months, there will be a locked 3rd thread, simply to host that month's optional Mystery Sock pattern. Mystery Sock progress will be posted to the WIP or FO threads.

The Magical Mystery Sock Tour is part of Sockdown: Ravelry. Since many SKA members have expressed interest in the possibility of Mystery Sock patterns, the Tour was devised. Volunteer designers have agreed to design an original sock pattern, featuring a specific technique, for every odd month of Sockdown. This simply provides KAL participants with an additional pattern choice on every odd month. Again, participants are NOT required to knit the Mystery patterns.
These 2 (or 3) threads will be stickied for one month. They will remain active for as long as people post to them. After the 2 month deadline, the FO thread will be used to determine which KAL participants have completed that month's challenge, and prizes will be awarded.
Please remember: this is all supposed to be for fun. And managing our out-of-control stashes. And trying new things. You know, fun :)
Since this is growing into a very large undertaking, we've laid down some ground rules, The 10

Sockdown Commandents:
Thou Shalt Honor The Sockdown: Ravelry Schedule. (i.e. please don't post fair isle projects on the lace sock thread)
Thou Shalt Also Honor Thyne Ravelry Neighbors And NOT Flame Their Sockdown (Or Any Other) Projects. (please play nice)
Thou Shalt Strive To Challenge Thyself.
Thou Shalt Take Decent Photos In Good Lighting.
No, Hats/ Scarves/ Mittens/ Etc. Made With Sock Yarn DO NOT Count.
Thou Must Knit TWO Socks (clearly paired) To Be Eligible For Each Month's KAL Prizes. (One sock does not an FO make)
Thou Shalt Not Post WIP Photos To the FO Thread. (And Vice Versa)
Thou Shalt Start And Finish A Pair of Socks During The KAL Period (the alloted 2 months) To Be Eligible For Each Month's KAL Prizes (A photo must be posted in the FO thread by midnight on the last day, PST).
Thou Shalt Not Submit Photos of Baby Booties or Slippers.
Remember This Is A Personal Challenge, NOT A Competition.

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