Monday, August 13, 2007


lala made my socks out of, get this dream in colour! i hade just posted about it last week and wanting some. how cool is that.
these are so smooshy (name of yarn, coincidence? i think not)
i love the lil book to write all the sock info i could possible need at my finger tips.
my uncle lives in mississippi. and some great summer camp friends. such a nice place :-)
she also sent the remant of sock yarn so i can clothe the naked sock blocky thing :-)
thank you so much. i love them!


bubbebobbie said...

What have you done with my daughter? I know she speaks english so an invader must be inhabiting her body!
Am I the only one that has NO clue what you said?
Because of Jesus, mom

Lorena said...

Those are gorgeous! What a great pal you have!

Gwen said...

you do have a great pal! those socks are lovely!

Ayelet said...

It all looks so nice! I need to learn how to knit socks :)

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