Sunday, August 05, 2007

sign ups are closed for SP 11, but if you are still looking for a fun swap Monkey Socks 3 is still taking sign ups. the host was one of my secret pals so i am kind a biased. :-)
i have not found the petunia bag and the almost finished socks so i began another pair. i have one done and half the cuff. i sent my pal a "while you are waiting" present. hopefully these will be in the mail on monday. not too lately but not on time.
My picnic swap box is about ready to send. hopefully it will get mailed monday too.
kezzi however is my variable. she has had such a month! hurt her knee and was out of dance for a few weeks, poison oak, fell and took skin off her palm, and now she slammed her finger in the door. it bends but is black n blue. so xrays may throw off my monday.
pray for kezzi!

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Anonymous said...

I ran into the post office right before they locked up for the night (by night I mean at 4:30 this afternoon) and mailed your sockapalooza socks. You should be getting them some time within the next three days!

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