Tuesday, August 21, 2007

shew! what a weekend. i can not find the camera. tali has hidden it somewhere.
so i have no pictures, but we had an awesome weekend. we drove to burney falls to hike and picnic, then to mt cloud where i met maria from an LYS in davis, at a street fair. i bought a skein of chasing rainbows. yum!
then we went to castle crags st park and hiked there too.
we have had 2 days of dental appts and i am so tired.

on top of that, tirzah has a fever (101.8 f)
so we had to take her to the dr. keep her in prayer, so that this doesnt do anything to her kidneys. she has had 4 great months! we go to ucdavis next week, and i would like it to be a good visit.

i got my nature's bounty match .
any ideas for fiber? and harvest themes?

i owe a textual tuesday post, i know.
i have been learning translations and i got a new stone edition tanach that i am very excited about, and a lamsa bible ( from the aramaic/syriac ).

seeing and hearing
bring wisdom and knowledge,
which lead to humility and understanding.

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