Thursday, August 23, 2007

school on a shoestring?

I picked up about $400 in school books for us this year, for $40. heehee

(among the piles bountiful feet's early american history k-3, and 4-6)

for those of you who do not know, i am homeschooling....5! of the 6 this year. bella starts kindergarten.....boohooo! i can't believe she is soooo old!

a week or so ago we got the other books for maybe $10. plus a wonderful curric. to fill in all the black history that the other textbook skim over if not completely ignore. (bottom left hand corner.)

also we got saxon math 4/5 for about $3-5, and winston grammar for about the same or less.

so besides all the SOS on the computer history, science, math and literature is covered amazingly! george washington's rules of civility was also in there. which i have always wanted.

yes i am a geek, i know it.

not pictured above is an africa set i got for tirzah's geography. it is my favourite thing so far.
we are now ready for school to start!


brooke said...

OK, seriously, you freak me out. Home schooling your kids. I think you have wings and a halo - how do you hide them from us regular folks?? You continue to amaze me!! Love ya - see ya this weekend for Sticks and Strings??

Christina said...

Hi Heather.

How does this work with homeschooling your kids? You can't do that in Germany ... Do the kids have to take tests at a school during the year or how do they get a degree later. Don't you have to pass classes or do it again if you aren't good enough?
I'm so curious, could you describe for me how that works, please?


amanda cathleen said...

you are one fantastic woman! What a great deal, and your a wonderful mom homeschooling your kids!

lorinda said...

Sounds like an example of exceedingly abundantly more you could ask or think! Yay!

Terri said...

Wow! That's wonderful you got all that stuff for such a little amount. I homeschool too... WHERE can I find a deal like that???

2trees said...

Where did you get those and do they have any left?

Anonymous said...

Good job on the shopping!

I know in our state the texts and much of the supplies are provided through the State Board of Education, through the local boards of education. I have friends whom home school and like all teachers (including my DH who teaches 1st grade in a poor urban schoo), they end up buying a lot of the additional "stuff."

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