Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to get Cheap books

I got my books at a local interfaith bookstore (christian , judaica, catholic)
not a big chain, but real locals. they have a homeschool section of both new and used books.
that is where i got mine.
you can also go to used curric. sales with local homeschool support groups.
this is a good way to talk to those who used it, or chose not to, and find out why, or what worked for them, and how to make it work for you.
no one homeschools the same, just like no one cooks the same. you might follow a recipe diligently or use a recipe as a guideline adding little bits here and there. i am the latter obviously.

my friend is moving and giving me her high school stuff, i dont need it yet, but i will sooner than i think.
growing up in the homeschool movement, being the daughter of a homeschool auther, i don't talk about it much cuz we always talked about it. i have spoken before state legislators on behalf of legal homeschooling. so it was kinda an out of place post on my blog :-)
i am surprised at how many comments it got :-)

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